A fake hunt for Bin Laden...? (A test for Obama) - CannonFire.blogspot.com

(See also Juan Cole's report on the "no-hunt" story: http://www.juancole.com/2008/11/afghan-article-says-us-bin-ladin-hunt.html -rep.)

Cannonfire.blogspot.com is a popular "liberal" blogger who is now buying into a "conspiracy theory";

"I do feel certain, or at least persuaded, that the American people were never told the full truth about what happened at Tora Bora."

This is someone who, in a links list titled "The Real 9/11 Truth Movement", links to Debunking911.com to "debunk" demolition theories- and in the same links list, links (several times) to articles at http://www.911Review.com that debunk the "no 757 at the Pentagon" and other disinformation. Strange disconnect, as 911Review.com also debunks the disinformation that plane damage, jet-fueled office fires and building mass turned the WTC towers into rapidly inflating dust clouds and small piles of rubble.

My Really, Really Bad Judy Wood Experience

(With the recent publication of Jeremy Baker's essay, "Three Amigos: Reynolds, Wood and Fetzer’s assault on 9/11 Truth", I think it is important for people to know that Baker is not the only person to have serious reservations about this particular trio. Especially since Judy Wood's ideas have cropped up again, and have been circulated in a Draft Bill that does not have the unanimous support of 9/11 Truthers, but has already been presented to a few members of Congress. Specifically, this blog entry is about an on-air attack on Steven Jones that occurred in 2006, that reveals planning, and forethought on behalf of the "Three Amigos". -rep.)

"(How is a tower like a tree?)
Judy, Judy, Judy, Judy would
(Where was the hidden energy?)
La la la la la la la la la la la la
(Can we solve this mystery?)
Judy Wood"

- lyrics from "Judy Would" by Ace Baker.

In the beginning...

In 2005, Dr. Judy Wood joined the DemocraticUnderground.com (DU) message board where I had already been a member for a couple of years. She used the handle "janedoe" and would engage in back and forth posting battles with the resident 9/11 trolls and debunkers, with varying degrees of success. Wood seemed a natural ally, and I engaged in some friendly correspondence with janedoe, via the DU message board, which later moved to email communications...


Let's put an end to these conspiracy theories once and for all: a full investigation with persons of interest like Bush, Cheney, Rice and Rumsfeld, and whistleblowers like Sibel Edmonds and the NSWBC.org testifying in public under Oath

9/11 Commission Records:
In accordance with the Federal Records Act, the Commission has established a general restriction from public access on these records until 2009. Because the Commission was part of the legislative branch, its records are not subject to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).


"Sometimes paranoia's just having all the facts." - William S. Burroughs

One Week's Web Coverage of the STJ911.org Press Release Re: Ellis Draft Bill

I've updated my blog post on the subject with a round up of most of the various opeds, discussion threads, repostings and links to the STJ911.org press release- scroll down for the hyperlinks.

Let me know if i missed anything and i'll update it- this is a testimony to the power of crowds and independent media:

Scholars for 9/11 Truth & Justice Rejects Association with Directed Energy Weapons and Mini-Nukes in Draft Bill

Web Coverage:

Personal Commentaries:

Arabesque - Scholars for 9-11 Truth & Justice Misrepresented in Draft Bill Sent to 8 House Members

Col. Jenny Sparks - Scholars for 9-11 Truth & Justice Misrepresented by Col. Jenny Sparks

Erik Larson - Scholars for 9/11 Truth & Justice Rejects Association with Directed Energy Weapons and Mini-Nukes in Draft Bill

George Washington - Disinfo Boys Strike Again?

Discussion Threads

911Blogger.com - Scholars for 9-11 Truth & Justice Misrepresented in Draft Bill Sent to 8 House Members

On Disinformation and Damaging Associations

Nearly seven years out from 9/11, and disinformation remains a persistent problem within the 9/11 Truth movement. Part of the problem has been that sites like 911blogger.com have been slow to label blatant disinformation as such. Back in April, I noted that certain topics would no longer be tolerated here. In the interim, two of these topics were introduced in a U.S. District Court in New York, setting a poor benchmark for future 9/11 Truth-related cases in New York. It's now time for a firmer, (and admittedly glaringly late), stance on Fakery, DEW, and "SBHT" syndrome, here at 911blogger.

To start, let's skip back to 9/11/2001;

"So did you hear?"

"Hear what?"

"An airplane hit the World Trade Center this morning."

"What kind? You mean, a little plane?"

"I don't know, just 'a plane'. It was on the radio."

Immediately, something didn't seem quite right. I thought that it could have been a small commuter plane, but not a jumbo, not with contemporary guidance and radar systems. No way. However, before long, the radio was delivering the news of a second plane strike. Definitely a big jet.

This was an attack.

Aircraft struck the twin towers. It's very likely that they were Boeings, and it's also probable* that they were the very Boeings that the media reported as "hijacks". It seems absurd to have to say these things, but the fact of the matter is, there is a disinformation campaign afoot, largely confined to a handful of sites and YouTube, to trick people into thinking that "no planes" hit the Towers, that the objects that hit the Towers were cloaked in holograms, or were holographs, and that digital alterations were made to broadcast footage on the fly, on 9/11.

If this were the case, then there would be no video or photographs in existence that are basically anomaly free, depicting the 2nd aircraft hitting the other WTC tower, but this is not the case;

It's just not the case.

Thoughts on Truth & Justice, Disinfo, Provocateurs, Pentagon Propaganda and orAntiLogic

The Jason Robo affair and the comment by orAntilogic (who suddenly popped up after 7 weeks to leave his comment about why he's an EX-Truther- quote and link below) has been bugging me since I read it, so I've pulled it and some other quotes and links into an article w/ some commentary as orAntilogic never answered my questions posed to him.

Military's Social Science Grants Raise Alarm

“David Price, an anthropologist at St. Martin's University in Lacey, Wash., and the author of a book on anthropological intelligence in World War II, agreed that the military and policymakers should know more about world cultures. But, he said, the Pentagon effort is flawed.
"It sets up sort of a Soviet system, or top-down system," Price said. "If you look at the big picture, this will not make us smarter -- this will make us much more narrow. It will only look at problems Defense wants us to in a narrow way."

The Grand Illusion

Don't believe everything you hear. Are there people that promote nonsense? Sure. Are there people that do stupid things? You bet. However, they are a VERY small percentage of people.

The battle to save Pentagon on 9/11 by Enver Masud

Note: as many of you here know, I no longer believe "no 757" hit the Pentagon; i'm posting this here for the record because it's "alternative" 9/11 info, and if anyone cares to analyze this article

I have significantly updated my Pentagon Hole Psyop article, thanks to constructive criticism received at TruthAction.org and TruthMove.org


The battle to save Pentagon on 9/11 by Enver Masud

Firefight is primarily about the heroic efforts of the firefighters at the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. What is of interest to us is the authors ' description of the attack on the Pentagon. The authors, Patrick Creed and Rick Newman, write:

The plane crossed Washington Boulevard , . . . traveling more than 500 miles per hour and was less than 30 feet off the ground.

the planes wings knocked over several light poles that line the road.

Is the 9/11 "Pentagon Hole" a Psyop to Distract from Real Questions?

Updated after constructive criticism from TruthAction.org and TruthMove.org, thank you to everyone who commented there and here, i've learned from all of it.

Lots of html links in the body; see the opednews.com posting- also, please come leave comments, lots of "in the dark" and "on the fence" people visit OpEdNews.com.

I appreciate constructive (and non) criticism; if you have any ideas for how i can improve this piece, let me know, in the comments or privately- is there anything i can word better? Anything relevant and important that i forgot? Better links I could've used? If i agree, i'll add it.

Note: If you currently believe a 757 did NOT hit the Pentagon, that doesn't mean I think you're Cointelpro or a Troll.

Note to genuine Trolls and Cointelpro agents: I enjoy baiting you, but i like reading your comments even more; how can i get to know you if you don't talk to me?




Monday, June 30, 2008

A website calling itself ‘Debunking 9/11 Conspiracy Theories’ seems to have certain characteristics that look suspiciously like neoconservative propaganda websites. Even the opening background colour is almost identical to the old Project for the New American Century website indicating, perhaps, that the same webmaster is behind this website.

Perception Management

Consider the vast difference between PM and PR, urges David Baldacci in his current best-selling thriller, "The Whole Truth." In the Author's Note at the end of the book he writes that perception managers are not spin doctors because they don't spin facts. "They create facts and then sell them to the world as truth" (with emphasis on "create"). The story revolves around a weapons manufacturer/war profiteer who enlists the professional services of a perception management company. Various schemes are developed to engender antagonism between Russia and China, both of whom become customers of the weapons contractor. If you plan to read this novel, expect total immersion of your attention in the fascinating action. Beyond the high entertainment value, however, Baldacci has a point to make, and he spells it out very clearly in his Author's Note: "Many of the techniques [of perception management] outlined in the story are standard operating procedures for these folks....

WeAreCHANGE Minnesota Confronts Amy Goodman and Dan Rather on Bilderberg Group

Amy Goodman & Dan Rather confronted about Bilderberg Group

Dan Rather feigns ignorance. However, according to Bilderberg researcher and journalist Daniel Estulin, Rather,
formerly of CBS News, is a member in good standing.

Goodman’s facial expression, when asked about the Bilderbergs, in the video above is priceless,
so much so Minnesota Change decided to freeze-frame it and add the Jeopardy theme song.

Damn liars !

Retouching History

On her June 4 program Diane Rehm's guest was ExpressJet pilot Lynn Spencer promoting her "inside" account of the purported 9/11 FAA/NORAD Keystone Cops debacle, "Touching History".



In the course of selling her book and the (latest) official narrative, Spencer nervously contradicted herself and repeated various breathtakingly false, easily-dismissed assertions about the aerial events of 9/11.

Incredibly, she echoed Rice's perjury that "no one had ever imagined terrorists using airliners as missiles", apparently unaware that even USA Today reported in 2004 that NORAD had conducted exercises based on this scenario, specifying targets including the World Trade Center.


Bin Laden slams West over Israel, vows to fight on

Bin Laden slams West over Israel, vows to fight on
Fri, 16 May 2008 17:39 HKT

DUBAI (AFP) -- Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden slammed Western leaders for taking part in Israel's 60th birthday celebrations and vowed that Muslims would not give up "one inch of Palestine," in an audio message Friday.

"The participation of Western leaders with the Jews in this celebration confirms that the West supports this ugly Jewish occupation of our lands and that they stand in the Israelis' trench against us," Bin Laden said in the "message to Western peoples" posted on the Internet.

"We will continue the fight against the Israelis and their allies... and we will not give up one inch of Palestine, God willing, as long as there is one sincere Muslim on this earth," the message added.

Source: Asia Times

How convienient again, just for Israel's 6oth aniversary: DEAD OBL rallies Western sympathy for the terrorist state. And, yes,they have given up tryng to make fake videos. Audio only.

Are You Willing to Call These All-American Patriots "Iran Dupes" To Their Face?!

The number 2 honcho from Al (nudge nudge wink wink) Qaeda supposedly said that Iran is behind questions about 9/11 (he was apparently only referring to Israel, although most Americans will only read the headline).

So let me ask you something. Are you saying that these all-American high-level military leaders, intelligence officials, Congress people, 9/11 Commissioners and other patriots are dupes for Iran?

Are you willing to say that to their FACE?

I didn't think so . . .