ae911truth.org now over 300 !! Things are starting to snowball....

I was thrilled to watch the official number of architectural and engineering professionals climb past the 300 mark on Gage's www.ae911truth.org website !

And WOW! What a sweet 911 TRUTH presentation in the recently released Alex Jones' Video interview with Richard Gage !!! THIS INTERVIEW ROCKS !!!!! http://prisonplanet.tv/articles/march2008/250308_report.htm

I would love to have a YouTube link of this dynamic video overview, much less having a DVD release of this interview presentation mixed with other 911 TRUTH Videos on the same DVD.

Richard Gage has the right idea on a simple and effective method of spreading 911 TRUTH.

Gage is correct. This is an excellent approach...by requesting "help" and ASKING FOR A PROFESSIONAL ARCHITECT'S ADVICE and opinion with "what do you think about this?? "

People like to help. People like to give their opinion and expertise.
Gage is on to a very effective way to introduce 9/11 TRUTH that any of us can do.

STANDING UP for 911 TRUTH in the Classroom again

Here is a neat little story about 9/11 Truth which happened TODAY, 1/17/08.

Today at college, I was in a packed classroom auditorium, shoulder-to-shoulder with about 60 other students. The Professor was going down the roll list asking people to introduce themselves and briefly tell a little about themselves.

Newcomer's Take

In the two months that I have been a specifically 9/11 "truther" I have:
- opened the door to a potentially eight-part South Bay Philosophy Club Meeting which would begin with
- the rules of evidence collection, etc, by a local Chief Investigator with whom I've been acquainted for five years
- sorted through enough mis/disinfo to retch
- caught up on some alternative media?!
- met with the local 9/11 truth membership
- brainstormed towards a "science" of dissemination, viz., how to be "fishers of men," knowing exactly what method requires which tools, ie., casting hooks for big fish only, or finer nets for larger hauls, what would those nets be, precisely, in non-metaphorical terms, etc.
- cool street-side sign idea, to support the other signs: rectangle shaped red sign with white trim/lettering EMERGENCE IS URGENT (two rows, same spacing) or "Ignorance is Complicity" or "Don't Buy the LIE" whilst waving deception dollars...