Focus Focus Focus

Some of you may have noticed that there are a number of wonderful distractions taking place within the 9/11 Truth Movement right now.

We have a "tiff" taking place within the "Scholars For 9/11 Truth." We have "investigations" taking place that are meant to discredit otherwise trustworthy, more productive members of this movement. We have wonderous "theories" being promoted by individuals that do not have the credibility of this movement in mind.

As a result of these distractions, people have spent a considerable amount of time focusing on them, rather than participating in activism.

On 9/11/2006, Donna Marsh O'Connor, Michelle Little, and Christina Kminek, along with Kyle Hence, and Paul Thompson, called for a new investigation into the attacks of 9/11.

Did they make this request for their health? Did they make this request because they had nothing better to do with their time?


They made this request because they want to end the nightmare brought on by the September 11th attacks, and because they want closure for themselves, this country, and this world.

This movement has always been about absolute truth and absolute accountability. Neither will be attained if we continue to focus on obviously deliberate, and manufactured distractions.