DJ Green Arrow We Demand Transparency

DJ Green Arrow to put 9/11 Truth in the Guinness World Records

On Saturday, Sept. 12th, DJ Green Arrow set a new World Record for Longest Rap. At the "We Demand Transparency" conference, Green Arrow rapped for a total of just under 10 hours, according to guidelines set by Guinness World Records.

For every hour that he rapped, he earned 5 minutes of rest time, which count toward the record. Starting at 9:47 AM, as the small crowd was beginning to form at the conference, he rapped continuously until the conference ended.

The previous "World Record for Rap" was for continuous rapping for 8 hours and 45 minutes.

Green Arrow is now compiling the paperwork to submit to Guinness. Guinness should reply within 8 weeks, to make official Green's accomplishment.

When asked why he attempted the record, Green responded that he "wants to put 9/11 Truth in the Guinness".

He rapped about 9/11 Truth for a good part of the attempt, even rapping directly to Richard Gage, putting Gage's story of how he founded into rhyme, causing Gage to dance.

He is still looking for the best rhymes for 'nanothermite' and will attempt to break his own record next year on 10/10/10.