Zero to be shown in Barcelona and Madrid

In Spain we are showing Zero in Barcelona and Madrid

In Barcelona:
Friday March 13 - in a Engineering university
Monday March16 - in an important cultural center
In Madrid
Thursday March 26 2009- in a cinema

The director Francisco Trento will be at all the showings to discuss afterwards.
See trailer and details :

Friday Night Series: Films On 9/11 'Conspiracies'

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Like many cataclysmic events in our nation's history, Sept. 11 has an official story, and many other theories about what actually happened that day. The Alchemy Juice Bar Café this week is starting a Friday night film series focusing on alternative theories about the World Trade Center.

The films will be at 7:30 p.m. All are unrated, and admission is free.

Here's the lineup:

Friday, Dec. 7: "9/11 Press For Truth," examines the government's and media's reactions to the 9/11 Family Steering Committee.

Dec. 14: "Loose Change — The Final Cut," interviews witnesses, first responders, survivors and experts.

Dec. 28: "Utah Seminar Video," a PowerPoint presentation by Steven Jones, a former teacher of physics and astronomy at Brigham Young University, rebutting the official story.

Jan. 4: "9/11 Mysteries," a study of demolition evidence and analysis, asking how a 110-story building could collapse so quickly.

Alchemy is at 203 New Britain Ave. in Hartford. For details, visit

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The One Dollar dvd Project

(via The Rumor Mill News Reading Room)
From one source: Videos and audio media from The One Dollar Project.
Documentaries for your own library, and to distribute to others:

Terror Storm
Election/Vote Fraud
The Power of Nightmares
Iraq War: Six Documentaries
911 Mysteries + Terror Storm
Ground Zero: Dust and Deceit
*Ron Paul: “Hope For America”*
Pretext for the North American Union
Freedom To Fascism + Money as Debt
Depleted Uranium + America’s Dirty Bomb
David Ray Griffin: 911 and the American Empire
Confessions of an Economic Hit Man + Foreign Policy
Loose Change, Terror Storm, Eyewitness, Road to Tyranny
Keep and Bear Arms + Confessions of an Economic Hit Man
Audio CDs:
Controlled Media: Michael Wolsey
Illegal Immigration: Alex Jones, Pat Buchanan, Ron Paul
David Ray Griffin: 911, American Empire and Christian Faith

Loose Change News

Loose Change articles printed here:

and here:

Also, Loose Change will be shown on the History Channel in Australia on September 11 at 9PM.

Finally, Loose Change 2 will be seen on:

Planete France,
BNN Holland and Zembla Holland
VRT Belgium
TV2 Norway
TV4 Fakta Sweden
Canal Plus Poland
History Channel Australia
RTP Portugal
Exa TV Mexico
Noga TV Israel
Geo TV Pakistan
MBC Middle East

Hopefully more information on dates and times to follow. Here is a quick message from the Loose Change foreign distributor:

And that anybody who lives in these countries should tell all their friends and promote the show to them, and talk to their local media organisations, newspapers, blogs, etc..we need the message to go out to the world that a potential audience of 100 million is out there, which will in itself become part of the story.

We need maximum exposure for Loose Change now ahead of the broadcast and you must call on your army of supporters to communicate that it is on tv to every one who could watch it. Just as 9/11 traumatised the world, so too can Loose Change 2.