DoD Lies

DoD LIES, but VA Admits 153,000 Disability Claims

DoD LIES, but VA Admits 153,000 Disability Claims
November 1, 2006

Finally some reliable figures are coming out from the Veterans Affairs department concerning the Global War on Terrorism (GWOT). or more simply the latest ill-advised US military adventure in Iraq, started in March 2003...

Instead of the 30,000 casualties reported by the DoD, the latest VA report shows that 153,000 US soldiers - out of a total deployed of 567,000 - were injured enough to claim for disability. The accepted ratio of Wounded to Dead in the latest Iraq War is 7.5 to 1, according to the Washington Post, which extrapolates to around 20,400 US soldiers DEAD up to June 2006

"The number of wounded in Iraq through March 31, 2006, was 7.5 times the number of dead"

Progression: in a six months period claims have increased from 115,500 to 153,000, or an increase of some 32%. It therefore seems reasonable to assume that the ANNUALIZED increase in casualty claims is of the order of 60% from year to year!....

It took 15 years for the claims relating to the much shorter Gulf War, where 580,000 US troops were deployed to reach the incredible number of 518,000, or nearly 90% of deployment. Because of the extensive use of Depleted Uranium this time around (2000 tons against 350 tons) one could reasonably expect that 90% of all soldiers deployed will claim disability within 10 years of the beginning of the War, the other 10% being DEAD...