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US Muslim 'radicalisation' House Homeland Security Committee

US Muslim 'radicalisation' House Homeland Security Committee


House Homeland Security Committee Chairman Peter King.

The BBC reports....

US Muslim 'radicalisation' hearings spark unease

A series of controversial hearings into the "radicalisation of the American Muslim community" is starting in the US. The Republican congressman holding the hearings says some Muslim leaders are not co-operating enough with the police and FBI. But many US Muslims say they are being unfairly singled out, and some fear the hearings will only increase Islamophobia in the US.

The BBC reports....

Peter King warns al-Qaeda recruiting US Muslims

A US congressman has warned al-Qaeda is actively recruiting US Muslims for violent attacks within the country.

The Detroit Free Press reports....

Janet Napolitano: US terror threat highest since 9/11

The BBC News Website has this as a main story....

Janet Napolitano: US terror threat highest since 9/11

The threat of terrorism against the US homeland is in some aspects "at its most heightened state" since the 9/11 attacks, US Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has said.

Take Action :STOP.THINK.CONNECT : Submission Deadline Feb 14th 2011

God bless the censors for pitching this ridiculously co-optable meme.

This is an easy way to Challenge Power With Truth, using their own tools and words against them.

From the official website
“Stop. Think. Connect.” is a simple, actionable message for online safety, and it applies to everyone. A coalition of government, industry and nonprofit organizations chose “Stop. Think. Connect.” as the first unified message for online safety after extensive research – a yearlong endeavor that included focus groups, opinion polling, and government-industry collaboration.

Challenge Deadline

The Challenge kicks off on Monday, November 8, 2010, at 12:01 p. m. ET and ends on Monday, February 14, 2011, at 11:59 p.m. ET.

The Department is looking for public service announcements that are directed towards any of the following audiences:
Teenagers (13-17)
Young Adults (18-24)
Parents of Teenagers
Older Americans
How to Enter

Upload the Video to the DHS Channel on YouTube at in response to White House Cybersecurity Coordinator Howard Schmidt’s video. NOTE: This is the only way we will accept submissions.

Today Show Mentions Jared Loughner Watched Government Conspiracy Films Like "Zeitgeist" and "Loose Change"

Hello Truthseekers & Truthtellers,
On the Today Show Wednesday morning, January 12th, 2011 they use clip about Jared Loughner called "Friends recall Jared Loughner's drug use" and at the 1:32 mark of this clip they mentioned he watched government conspiracy films like "Zeitgeist" and "Loose Change". It doesn't surprise me that they would associate this guy with the 9/11 Truth Movement. They even played a little of Loose Change and you hear Dylan Avery's voice. Check it out here:

Raw Story Investigation: Pentagon Domestic Propaganda

April 20, 2008 The New York Times broke the news that the Pentagon (and members of the Bush Administration) had been coordinating with retired military analysts on talking points to cover in their media appearances, as part of a 'psyop' on the American public to sell the 'post-9/11 world', the 'War on Terror', Guantanamo, torture, and the continued occupation of Iraq. These 'analysts', many of whom had undisclosed conflicts of interest such as financial ties to defense contractors, appeared over 4500 times in the media, as part of this campaign. The media outlets responsible for participating in the program- which includes the NY Times- have generally not acknowledged any fault on their own part, and some commentators attempted to spin the psyop as simply the Pentagon telling their side of things. A DOD Inspector General investigation found no wrong doing on the part of the Pentagon, but that report was later found to be so flawed, it was retracted and removed from the DOD's website.