Donna Marsh O'Connor

Donna O'Connor Statement on Olbermann Based on Unproven Allegations

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In a recent interview with Keith Olbermann of MSNBC, September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows national spokesperson Donn Marsh O'Connor delivered an emotional statement in support of construction of the Muslim community center six blocks from the site of the former WTC and the crimes and murders of 9/11/01. 

Having lost her own child in crimes of 9/11, her voice and face showed great emotion that was not lost upon her respected MSNBC interviewer, Keith Olbermann. 

There was only one problem with Ms. O'connor's emotional statement: her main premise was based on unproven allegations of guilt of the FBI's list of 19 suspects:

The foundation for her entire argument can be heard at minute mark 4:34, where Ms. Connor says:

9/11 families oppose Holder proposal to modify Miranda

During an interview Sunday on ABC television's current affairs talk show This Week, Attorney General Eric Holder suggested creating an exception to so-called Miranda rights established in a 1966 Supreme Court ruling that forbids prosecutors from using statements made by suspects before they have been warned that they have a right to remain silent.

"We're now dealing with international terrorists," the attorney general told NBC television. "And I think that we have to think about perhaps modifying the rules that interrogators have and somehow coming up with something that is flexible and is more consistent with the threat that we now face."

Monday morning, an anti-war organization for survivors of the September 11, 2001 attacks along with friends and family members of the victims, blasted the proposal.

Donna Marsh O’Connor, spokesperson for September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows, issued the following statement:

NYC Ballot Initiative relaunched as NYCCAN - The New York City Coalition for Accountability Now

(The NYC Ballot Initiative has been reorganized, placing the further gathering of signatures for the petition in the hands of Ted Walter, one of the lead petition workers involved with the first phase of this project. He is joined by Frank Morales, who will safeguard funds for - Behind Walter and Morales are some familiar names; Donna Marsh O’Connor, Bob McIlvaine, Bill Doyle, Janette MacKinlay and William Rodriguez, who have formed an interim Executive Council for the coalition. This reorganization is the result of feedback that has effected change in the handling of the petition. NYCCAN also offers a new email address for further feedback, that will be accessible by the Executive Council. This could include opinions on the current membership of the commission, which can be changed once the commission has been established. Please feel free to distribute the Press Release below far and wide, and donate if you can. - rep.)

Press Release from

April 9, 2009

Dear Friends around the World,


To place a public referendum for an impartial, independent and subpoena powered investigation of 9/11 on the New York City Ballot for the November General Election.

The 9/11 Commission was set up in 2002 to “provide the fullest possible account of the events surrounding 9/11”. What we got instead, in the words of Commission Chairs Governor Thomas Kean and Representative Lee Hamilton, was a Commission “Set up to fail”. A joint statement from both sides of the aisle is a rarity. This one speaks volumes.


Today, over 66% of New York City residents support a new 9/11 investigation. Millions now know that critical questions were left unaddressed. Only an objective, independent, subpoena powered investigation can ask the right people the relevant questions the 9/11 Commission certainly did not. Only an impartial investigation, free from intervention and powered by subpoena, can deliver the answers that every American deserves.

Reborn America by: Donna Marsh O'Connor, t r u t h o u t | Perspective Wednesday 12 November 2008

"...why did he say there would be no investigation and then allow only the pretense of one - the pretense that was called into question by Kean and Hamilton, co-chairs of the 9/11 Commission?

I say this now, with all due respect to my fellow American citizens: We never had an investigation into the events surrounding that day. We, every one of us, deserved one."

Reborn America

Wednesday 12 November 2008

by: Donna Marsh O'Connor, t r u t h o u t | Perspective

In September 2006, Michele Little (not pictured), Christina Kminek (L) and Donna Marsh O'Connor (R) - three relatives of 9/11 victims - held a press conference to demand further investigation into the September 11 attacks. (Photo: Alex Wong / Getty Images)

Statement On The Election Of Barack Obama As It Regards The 9/11 Truth Movement

It's good to hear from you Donna. - Jon


From Donna Marsh O'Connor
November 9, 2008

First let me say, after years of skepticism re the Democratic Party, I am a Progressive Democrat and so my comments reflect that. Someday perhaps someone more powerful than I will be able to dismantle the two party system, and make more genuine choice possible in this country. Right now, there are two parties. For eight years George W. Bush and Dick Cheney impostered as Republicans. I have said before and will say again, they would not have fit into my party and of this I am proud. They led a band of rogues that brought this country to the brink of absolute despotism. Let the Republicans worry about that mess. I remember telling my students long ago, I didn't vote for Bill Clinton for what he would do, I voted for Bill Clinton for what he said, for the values he espoused, for the way his insistence on social justice resonated. After his election, his actions were, indeed, another matter.

9/11 Victim Family Members Speak Out!: 9/11 Symposium West Hartford CT 11/03/07

( This a "rough cut", we are currently in the process of post production on the entire event which will be available on DVD in the coming weeks....check for updates.)
(Go to full page of videos by clicking 'read more' link at bottom for all 3 speechs plus Q &A)

Donna Marsh O'Connor

Some Thoughts From 9/11 Family Member Donna Marsh O'Connor

September 11, 2007

The day is somber as it always is now on September 11th. Today it is literally somber, the weather gloomy and I feel somber. But this year I'm home, not in New York City begging for 9/11 truth, nor in Valhalla where Vanessa is buried, nor in Washington, D. C. lobbying persons wrapped so tight in metaphoric suits that they cannot see beyond their own tailored personae to understand what I want. It's really unfair to them, after all, since I can never really have what I want.

Somehow I am a part of the "truth" movement-a movement of those family members and citizens who believe at least that there are key questions to the events leading up to 9/11, the events of that day, and the events post 9/11 that were never asked (forget answered) and that these questions need to be asked so that the world can go back to its bucolic ways pre November 2000.

An Open Letter From 9/11 Family Member Donna Marsh O'Connor


This September 11 will be the sixth anniversary of the day I had my last chance to talk to my daughter, Vanessa Lang Langer. I was barely out of bed and conscious during the dwindling moments that would come to be the remaining time her blood coursed through her veins, her heart beat, she had her hands on her steering wheel as she parked her car in the garage on Washington Street, sat at her desk, thought about her brothers, her husband, her coming child. I did not know it would be the last opportunity, and in this post-traumatic world that I now occupy I know there are millions of people out there who know how intensified my grief gets with each passing year and with each new crime perpetrated by the Bush administration and the many in our government who enable them. I know, and there is some comfort in knowing, that many of you are just as outraged, just as traumatized by the failure to bring to light that what was done to my daughter in body, and to our country and, indeed, the world, in spirit and action was (in whole or in part) facilitated by factions in our own government. The most important thing then is be certain that as we ask for an investigation or for impeachment we are conscious that we are asking for what may constitute our only hope to get out of this alive.

We must be strategic. Not sentimental. Not stupid. Not so angry that we lose sight of this first truth--even 9/11 occurred in the "post 9/11 world". On that day when so many are thinking about their last opportune moments to connect to those they love, we need to give them the space (intellectual and emotional) to see with their own eyes how this land has fared, how our government has failed us as it grew its own power. Because the most important thing is not respect for the dead and for the grieving who on this day will have those events unfold for them moment by moment--the most important thing is to stop it from happening again. And continuing. So on that day and only on that day in the places where the mourners gather, I am asking all of you to pause.

Donna Marsh O'Connor
Mother of Vanessa Lang Langer, WTC Tower II, 93rd floor

Donna Marsh O'Connor: Presidential Press Conference in Three Notes

By Donna Marsh O’Connor
Mother of Vanessa Lang Langer, WTC Tower II, 93rd floor
October 11, 2006

If the American people have, indeed, free and fair elections the Republicans and George W. Bush’s free pass will be voted out this November. These are the three key notes George W. Bush hit today, October 11th, 2006 in the mode of the authoritative father, the ultimate use of paternal rhetoric:

The economy is strong, stupid.

I went to war with Iraq and will the stay the course there because it was the right thing to do.

There is no red line as it pertains to North Korean threats against us because Japan and China will be with us. Hear this loud, America: There is no red line that Bush will name before the election. There is no plan for our defense.

It might seem that the American press corps is getting smarter, more efficient, posing more difficult questions about our actual safety as we face a blatant warning from North Korea. It might seem so because they actually asked Bush about the dissonance in his rhetoric and actions regarding North Korea and, too, about Iraq, but when, after a horrible explanation of the apparent contradictions in Bush/Cheney policy (we mistakenly attacked Iraq without enough backing from the rest of the world, without pursuing diplomacy) Bush has learned from these mistakes. He has learned that when actual threats are made against our country, that is the time to erase a red line, to say “Japan and China will help us. It didn’t work in Iraq.”

Why Progressives Need To Drop The Foley Outcry

I know most of us here have a sour taste in our mouth regarding both Democrats and Republicans. Bare with Mrs. O'Connor. She's trying to make the most of the available system, and I understand that. Please be fair with your commentary.

By Donna Marsh O’Connor,
Mother of Vanessa Lang Langer,
WTC Tower II, 93rd Floor

It’s only just over four weeks to the day of truth for America and its civil liberties, the day through which we will finally know if there are free and fair elections in the United States of America. That is, above all, the number one crisis of our time and progressives, progressive Democrats and plain old centrist Democrats better know it. If we don’t take this election our wars will grow bigger, our children will be fighting them in greater numbers and there will be very little potential for resistance from the middle class.

This week Bob Woodward’s book hit the pages and the television screens and proclaimed loudly that the Bush administration is a “state of denial” about all things wrong with the war on Iraq. Too coded for my taste, Woodward, hedged and distinguished between Bush’s personal optimism (he truly believes in this war) and his and his fellow criminally negligent (at the very least) cohorts—Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld, Ashcroft, Card, etc. But we and most Americans know the truth. Bush lies. He lied about Iraq. He lied about Katrina. He lied about September 11th, 2001.