Don't Start the Revolution Without Me

How 9/11 Truth, the War on Drugs and the Pledge of Allegiance are interconnected (my review of Jesse Ventura's book)

My review of Jesse Ventura's book almost reads more like a blog entry than a book review; I personally think this is one of my better pieces of prose because I manage to intertwine 9/11 Truth, the War on Drugs, and the Pledge of Allegiance. Amazing how everything all ties together!

Anyone who reads my [Amazon] reviews in chronological order will see that Ventura's book from 2000, "Do I Stand Alone?", was my first review. Jesse was one of my first political role models when I read that book after coming across it in the Borders' store. Prior to that, all I knew was that he was a former wrestler turned governor. One of the first things that outraged me, and jolted me to be a political activist, was the criminalization of drugs and the war on marijuana smokers in particular, an outrage Ventura also shares. After going on my own political journey of various awakenings over this decade, Jesse has come back into my life during the 2008 election season with his best book yet.

Jesse Ventura's Hypothetical Presidential Run Scenario (PLEASE LET THIS COME TRUE!!)

Hello folks.

First, a spoiler alert if anyone is still reading Jesse Ventura's "Don't Start the Revolution Without Me." This is a book in which even though the entire thing is truly excellent, the real knockout fireworks are saved for the last few pages, the Epilogue. I feel obliged to reveal those contents in the hope that doing so might excite the rest of the movement as it has me.