Doomsday Plane

CNN plugs for 911blogger- via the Doomsday Plane- bigtime.

A recent (september 12,2007) report from anderson cooper's 360 program, where they re-visit the "mystery plane" that flew over the white house on 9/11.


BTW: That's the third time I've heard Hamilton saying "we found no evidence". A broken record? Studied? Did they search for this issue? Finding no evidence is not hard to imagine if you didn't search for it.


Lee Hamilton, CBS 2006

Well, of course, we did deal with it. The charge that dynamite, or whatever, brought down the World Trade Towers, we of course looked at very carefully - ]we find no evidence of that.

Lee Hamilton, Washington Journal, C-SPAN, 2005

"the Commission had found zero evidence that our government planned that attack."