Doris Lessing

Nobel laureate Doris Lessing: Sept. 11 attacks "not that terrible"

Fax her and tell her that THREE buildings fell on 911, not TWO as she thinks (see below). Also could someone tell her that 911 was an inside job.

It would be great if she mentioned 911 Truth in her acceptance speech. Given her life long political activism she may just do that if she were informed.

I don't think she uses e-mail, but she may be contacted through Jonathan Clowes Ltd, her literary agent. Jonathan Clowes Ltd has no web site and no e-mail either, just phone and fax.

Doris Lessing won this year's Nobel Prize for Literature, the Royal Swedish Academy announced in Stockholm on Thursday (18/10).

She is 87 years and still has opinions:

MADRID (AFP) — Nobel prize winning author Doris Lessing said in an interview published Sunday (21 October) that the September 11 attacks had not been "so bad" when compared to Irish Republican Army action.

"September 11 was terrible, but if one re-examines the history of the IRA, what happened in the United States wasn't so bad," Lessing, who captured this year's Nobel literature prize told Spain's leading El Pais daily.