Dr. Joe Hawkins

A-B-Cs of spreading the 'truth' about 9-11

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June 25, 2007

A-B-Cs of spreading the 'truth' about 9-11


The 9-11 truth movement works overtime to prove the obvious, according to Dr. Joe Hawkins.

The Winnipeg chiropractor offered that kernel of insight yesterday during his seminar on Canadian activism as part of the Vancouver 9-11 Truth Conference.

Hawkins said appealing to someone's logic through concrete evidence is an established way to sway people to an alternate 9-11 theory.

This avoids "endless politics" in deciphering images or recordings that are open to interpretation.

"You don't need to have a PhD in pathology to prove a bullet wound is the cause of death," he said.

At home, Hawkins puts a little twist on keeping things simple by handing out DVDs of 9-11 documentaries. He advised his audience to do the same, saying the strategy avoids information overload for someone beginning to explore alternate theories.

He added screening a documentary for a community group is more effective because the act is a confidence-building experience.

Dr. Joe Hawkins with Ray Geisler - LIVE radio show Wed.June 13th, 8 pm PST

"Unbought and Unbossed" - Canadian Political News and Views - Canada's first weekly '9/11 Truth friendly' radio show.

This week’s guest is Dr. Joe Hawkins. His website is the popular stoplying.ca. Hawkins was the organizer of the “Wake Up Winnipeg” 9/11 conference this last May. He will also be speaking at the Vancouver 911 Truth Conference, June 22-24, 2007, on the subjects of “9/11 Truth in Canada” as well as hosting a workshop on 9/11 Activism.

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The following video features Joe Hawkins and Barrie Zwicker talking about the "Wake Up Winnipeg" Conference on Breakfast Television in Winnipeg.
Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_obODlqMgU

A Blizzard of Canadian Truth

It's all Barrie Zwicker's fault. He was the first media professional on the planet to start poking holes in the Bush administration's "Official Conspiracy Theory", on cable TV. He's Canadian, so, it must be his fault!

From Toronto to Vancouver, Canadians are wondering just what the hell went down on 9/11, and Zwicker is egging them on. This past week saw Zwicker roll into Winnipeg with architect Richard Gage and launched a three-day whirlwind of public presentations and appearances on Winnipeg's local cable television, with a big supporting role from Winnipeg's www.stoplying.ca ;

Zwicker and Stop Lyings's Dr. Joe Hawkins on CITY TV;

Zwicker on SHAW cable;

Part One:

Part Two:

It's funny... these TV anchors are so... different compared to say, Hannity & Colmes, for instance.


Richard Gage, Barrie Zwicker, and Dr. Joe Hawkins are going to rock Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada next week.
More details at StopLying.ca