Dr. Minna Barrett

9/11 relatives see family support waning

Source: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070906/ap_on_re_us/sept11_survey_1;_ylt=AsAS_H6lvhVEhrnXJcdkQppH2ocA

9/11 relatives see family support waning

By FRANK ELTMAN, Associated Press Writer

More relatives of 9/11 victims say support from family has waned or even stopped six years after the terrorist attacks, indicating fatigue or the feeling the relatives should go on with their lives.

The annual survey released Thursday by the World Trade Center Family Center found a 19 percent drop in "strong support" from in-laws and other relatives since last year.

"There probably is some Sept. 11 fatigue, yes," said Dr. Minna Barrett, director of research and training at the Long Island-based center. The survey involved 100 adult family members and relatives of victims who died in the trade center attacks in 2001.

Representative comments from survey respondents included: "Some family members say to get on with it now," or "We get on each other's nerves" or "We were originally inseparable and now we are going our separate ways."