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2-minute video: Best-selling Chief Economist explains criminal US foreign policy

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I previously shared an interview with the "Economic Hitman," John Perkins; a former Chief Economist and multi-Bestselling author. The sharpest video for what Perkins has to say is this widely-viewed and well-animated two-minute version on the left.

My conclusions of political and economic work over the last 30 years is that Perkins' explanation of US foreign policy interest to exploit developing countries rather than help them is accurate and why US political leadership chooses to not empower developing countries. Perkins' work is also supported by the explanations of IMF and World Bank Chief Economists Simon Johnson (bestselling author and now at MIT) and Joseph Stiglitz (Nobel laureate, bestselling author, and at Columbia).

Here’s my 30 years’ experience for your thoughtful consideration:

Economic Hitman

This reaffirms what most of know. It is worth watching.
9/11 TRUTH is the key towards handling this mess.