Economy Crash

Talking Basic Food Insurance

Okay, I think it's time to have "The Talk." No, not the talk about the Birds & the Bees. Not even the one about the Hard Core Truth and the state of the Union. The subject of this article is as complicated yet simple as both of these subjects. We are going to scratch the surface of the subject called "What are we going to do if the "SHTF?" There is a lot to this subject and when I say, "SHTF," I mean everything from a Global Economic Collapse to an Earthquake to another False Flag Attack from our Constitution Hating Owners. They are all pretty much downers and we don't like to dwell on them, we are already doing everything we can, right? Maybe.

Look in your cupboard or pantry. How much food and water do you have right now should the "SHTF?" Think about it. Do you have enough for you and your loved ones to live for a week, a month, six months? If you have an exit plan, do you have what you need in order to get where you're going? A little preparation now can save you from making desperate choices later. A few days with no food or water and a FEMA Camp might start sounding like a good idea.