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We Are Change Boston Gives Fox News's Carl Cameron WTC Nano Thermite Evidence


I briefly met Carl Cameron at the Martha Coakley for Senate rally with president Obama on 1/17/10. Carl Cameron has done some great investigative reporting about 9/11. Some of this footage can be seen for free in Jason Bermas's documentary "Fabled Enemies" via youtube or the web. This link should work for the full film in high quality: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-2144933190875239407#
You can also purchase a copy of this film @ InfoWars.com. Here is a candid video We Are Change Minnesota made with Carl Cameron:

Fox News correspondent Carl Cameron shares his views on 9/11 saying, "its really hard to make the case that the buildings just imploded without some sort of an accelerant," and that We Are Change Minnesota is, "right to bang the drum because we dont know," what really happened on 9/11.

911 Questions at Congressman Markey Forum

Congratulations to local 9/11 Boston activists on a great job at the Ed Markey forum yesterday in Framingham. We got into at least two newspapers in his district (linked below). Notice the slick response Markey gave regarding the question of controlled demolition: It's incontrovertibly true (that) the terrorist-piloted planes caused the attacks.

Markey cleverly swapped the word "collapses" with "attacks." Markey must have gone to the Slick Willie school of politics. But few of his constituents were fooled. Everyone heard the question. Everyone knew his answer intentionally skirted it.

This was a huge success for the truth movement. It's now been documented that Markey was introduced to the science of 9-11 on 2/3/08, and that he also pledged to look further into it.

Congressman Ed Markey can no longer credibly play dumb on the issue of 9-11.

Waltham paper: