From Ed Ward

American: Patriot to Profiteer - Aaron Russo

The Movie That Will Cause the Declaration of Worldwide Martial Law.

That's my review of Aaron Russo's Masterpiece of Rights. I cannot put it more strongly or simply. One way or the other, this is the movie of your life. The movie will make you sick to your stomach and aware of what the US government is doing by documented evidence of Both Political Parties' activity. We must act now or forever live in fear.
''America: Freedom to Fascism''' (A:FtF) is an extremely needed exceptional movie for the exposure and reform of this government's abuse of America. As one of the many activists that try to stay current with all areas of the Constitutional abuses of this government, enthusiastic surprise and relief overtook me as a post revealed "Aaron Russo's -'' America: Freedom to Fascism - Full Version - For movie screening only" on google video. Finally, here was the movie in which many are placing their hopes for release and discovery of much needed information available for mass consumption.

My anticipation was gleefully rewarded as the illegal IRS government scam was thoroughly shown as the defrauding of US citizens by the un-Constitutional and illegal actions of both parties, the judiciary of this current government and all past 'representatives' of the People since 1913. The IRS aspect consumes about 2/3rds of the movie time. In the remaining time it progresses to the private bankers that set the stage for the IRS deception via the private Federal Reserve Bank corporatists.