Edmonton 911 Civil Information

Edmonton's Meek little mice & Gandhi's relaunch 9/11 Civil Actions after 420 Rally

Edmonton's Meek little mice & Gandhi's relaunch 9/11 Civil Actions after 420 Rally
EDMONTON April 20, 2013 By Doug (Nobody) Brinkman

Well known 9/11 Truther Jack Blood formerly of American Freedom Radio has never been a fan of "Civil Information Activism" as he would rather you get mad and scream at the top of your civil resistance lungs "9/11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB!" like his hero and friend the late John Boncore aka "Splitting The Sky" who spent a night in jail for his own protection after his reckless grandstanding at trying to break through a Calgary police line to get at former President George W. Bush.

Cooperative Communications with Doug Brinkman - 9/11 Civil Information Activism

New Video added January 14, 2013

Thanks to everyone at Edmonton Cooperative Communications for the opportunity for me to share ideas on "Civil Information Activism" and 9/11 Truth in Edmonton, AB, Canada.


Civil Information Activism

Richard Gage "911 Blueprint for Truth" Edmonton March 30 2012

FACEBOOK COMMENTS - EDMONTON: I just returned from an incredible event about 9/11 truth. The amount of evidence that a controlled demolition and cover up of the truth happened along with the hastily removal of crime scene material was simply staggering. At this meeting, there were engineers, pilots and firefighters. The eloquent Richard Gage, AIA member with 40 years of experience in architecture represented the “1,600 Architects & Engineers for 9//11 Truth” organization and did an incredible presentation. People are waking up! Master photographer Con Boland

Lynette Bondarchuk of Edmonton Small Press said "glad to hear it went well Doug (and sorry again we couldn't make it out) - very important to have reasonable scientific debate about this issue, and leave the conspiracy theories to the online tinfoil crowd. :)

2011 Fringe Festival & Legislature 9/11 Petition Report

110 more signatures were added this week in Edmonton from the 13 - 20 of August 2011 by both the Alberta Legislature grounds & just a half blook away from the gates of the Edmonton Fringe Festival Adventures. The Total of signatures collected in Edmonton stands at 827 citizens wanting a made in Canada public investigation of 9/11. Ottawa and Toronto are also participating. Visit Ottawa Truth Seekers for more information.

April 9,11- Anti War Rally & 9-11 Petition Drive (Canada)

"9-11 Is Key"
Quoted by Dr. Niels Harrit of Copenhagen University.
during the" Edmonton Questions 9-11" conference.

Open Letter with YouTube to: Edmonton/Old Strathcona MP. Linda Duncan, Edmonton Center MP. Laurie Hawn, The Mayor of Edmonton Stephen Mandel and Green Party Edmonton Center candidate David Parker- From Edmonton 911 Truth: Doug Brinkman, CC- Friends and Supporters of 9/11 Truth, National Post's Jonathan Kay, Canadian politicians, candidates and the media...

RE- Anti War-9-11 Petition Drive to Investigate 9-11 in Canada

George Galloway "9/11 Double Standards", Grey Cup "Building What?"

YouTube Report: November 25, 2010- A day of Grey Cup "BuildingWhat.org" Civil Information actions, a night with former British MP George Galloway and 9/11...

George Galloway "9/11 Double Standards" & Grey Cup "Building What?"

I tried to ask George Galloway a question regarding the crimes of 9/11 but failed to get his response.
After his speaking event I shared " BuildingWhat.org" leaflets. Over 500 came to hear Galloway speak at the University of Alberta.

( 2 days before Edmonton) "9/11 truthers Are Largely Insane" Calgary: George Galloway asked about 9/11 by Professor Anthony J. Hall and his graduate student Joshua Blakeney in Calgary