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Election Fraud and Tampering 2006: In Favor Of "R" Part By 4% Across The Country, 3 Million Votes Stolen From "D" Candidates

I've expressed my conviction before, that this last election was tampered with no less than the ones of 2000 and 2004.(for example here). That the "D" part won this time does not disproof the fact that the "R" part has massively intervened with fraud, hacking and manipulations. It's just that their efforts were still not good enough to keep off all of the pro-"D" swing that happened in the electorate desperately seeking for an alternative (and believing the "D" to be one such).

Now there is even some evidence for my assumption: the Election Defense Alliance (EDA) have now released a preliminary report about their ongoing investigations which made OpEdNews.com. Editor Rob Kall write a background article.

The Election Defense Alliance has this to say:


Major Miscount of Vote in 2006 Election:
Reported Results Skewed Toward Republicans by 4 percent, 3 million votes

Election Defense Alliance Calls for Investigation