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The Elephant in the Room: Extras

Filmmaker Dean Puckett has just made available a high quality version of his short film 'The Baby Elephant'; a 30 minute film made up of deleted scenes from the feature length documentary 'The Elephant In The Room' shot over the anniversary of 9/11 in New York 2007. It follows below in 4 parts.

He has also released a couple more clips that he couldn't quite fit on the finished dvd. The first features We Are Change Paris activist M talking about The Project for a New American Century at Speakers Corner in Hyde Park, London. The second features Patrick McGuiness playing his song "9/11 Was An Inside Job, The War on Terrorism is a Sham, Beware the Global Fascist Super State" with Dave Roughmouth's poems spoken outside the House of Parliament on the 6 year anniversary of 9/11. Both clips follow below the 4-part Baby Elephant

Visit nosmokewithoutfire.co.uk to watch the multi-award winning documentary The Elephant in the Room for free. You can also subscribe to Dean Pucketts youtube channel here.

The Baby Elephant

Baby Elephant

The Baby Elephant - a 30 minute film made up of deleted scenes from the Feature Length Documentary 'The Elephant In The Room' shot over the anniversary of 9/11 in New York 2007 100% new unseen footage http://www.nosmokewithoutfire.co.uk

Watch the full film for free or Purchase the DVD along with many more extras in high definition at http://www.nosmokewithoutfire.co.uk

Extras on the disc include :

* The Baby Elephant - a 30 minute film made up of deleted scenes shot over the anniversary of 9/11 in New York
* William Rodriguez travels across Europe - featuring MI5 whistleblower Annie Machon
* Cynthia McKinney for President - including dissenting outside the US embassy in London
* Extra First Responders - extended interviews and insight into the plight of the first responders
* Interview with Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed - calling for an independent public enquiry into the 7/7 London bombings

MI5 Whistleblower, Annie Machon, on BBC Radio Suffolk - Mon 8th Dec

MI5 Whistleblower and author of "Spies, Lies and Whistleblowers", Annie Machon, will be interviewed on BBC Radio Suffolk on the James Hazell show this coming Monday (8th) during a segment about, strangely enough, "Whistleblowing".

The interview should take place at around 9:25am GMT. If you live outside of Suffolk you can still tune in, click here.

This broadcast coincides very nicely with the event arranged to take place during that very evening in Ipswich, at which Annie will be speaking prior to a screening of the London Independent Film Festival's Best UK Documentary "The Elephant in the Room". Director, Dean Puckett, will also be joining us to answer questions.

Click here for more details of "The Elephant in the Room" East Anglia Tour.

We do hope you can listen in..and we look forward to seeing some of you soon.

Best Wishes,
East Anglia Truth

The Elephant in the Room - East Anglia Tour Details


East Anglia Truth is pleased to announce the dates of the "Elephant in the Room" East Anglia Tour.

Event programme is as follows:

The Elephant In The Room @ The Portobello Film Festival 2008

To kick of We Are Change UK and Truth action London's 7 days of events over the anniversary of 9/11, The Elephant In The Room was screened at the Portobello film festival to a crowd made up largely of people who have never heard of the issue. The following video features vox pops after the screening with Vince White former guitarist with 'The Clash' and Annie Machon former M15 whistle Blower

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSY4dR5QrBo You can watch the whole film here for free http://www.nosmokewithoutfire.co.uk/ Keep up to date with 7th anniversary events here - http://7thanniversary911.blogspot.com/ All The best Dean

We Are Change UK - September 11th 2008 trailer 2

On the 11th of September this year We Are Change UK and Truth Action London will be holding a protest outside the US Embassy in London.

Watch The brand New Trailer

This is a call to everybody in the UK who questions, doubts or disbelieves the official story of 9/11 and who rejects the war on terror and war on freedom which defines our time, to make themselves counted and join us there. The stakes now are too grave to sit at our computers lamenting the state of the world and the time has come to become a part of the change we long for.

For more details


Scott Forbes 9/11 "power down": The Elephant In The Room

Scott Forbes reported a "power down" for approximately 36 hours in the South Tower of the World Trade Center the weekend (8th to 9th) prior to September 11th 2001. The "power down" conditions meant that for the floors his company Fiduciary Trust operated in (floors 90 and 94-97) there was no electricity - meaning CCTV cameras were out of operation and security doors were unlocked. Despite contacting the 911 Commission through their website and by mail Scott was never acknowledged or contacted. Watch him here in his first ever video interview, an excerpt from the new Feature Length Documentary - The Elephant In The Room

Watch the clip on YouTube:

Watch in HIGH DEFINITION at the exposureroom.com

The Elephant In The Room and We Are Change UK on Edge TV

Dean Puckett director of The Elephant In the Room a new documentary about the 9/11 truth movement and Gareth of We Are Change UK appear on British TV to discuss the film and 9/11 truth in general THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM is Available to Watch and buy 1st September 2008 exclusively at: http://www.nosmokewithoutfire.co.uk

Elephant In The Room: Internet and DVD release

THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM - Full Film available to watch for free or buy on DVD from the 1st September 2008. Exclusively at : http://www.nosmokewithoutfire.co.uk

Brand New Exclusive Clip !!!
excerpt from the film featuring Cynthia McKinney a former US congresswoman for the State of Georgia and the current Green Party presidential candidate. She has consistently asked the question 'What did the Bush administration know and when did it know it?" regarding the tragic events of September 11th

Watch Now:

High Resolution version - http://exposureroom.com/members/DeadDean.aspx/assets/549dde82432b491ba25f418067d293f0/

The Elephant in the Room Podcast

Check out this exclusive podcast produced by London Sound Posse and recorded at the second screening of the new Documentary "The Elephant in The Room" by Dean Puckett.

Featuring reactions to the new film from members of the public, We Are Change UK, East Anglia Truth, Oscar winning Director Mike Leigh, former employee of the Ministry of Defence Nick Pope and closing with an interview with the director.

Download the podcast here

Visit the films website

The Elephant in the Room reviewed on Press TV

Dean Puckett's 'The Elephant in the Room' was recently reviewed on Press TV an English language international television news channel based in Tehran. Featuring clips from the film including personalities such as Richard Gage & Alex Jones the reviewers neglect to mention the final third of the film that focuses on the plight of the criminally neglected first responders. Despite this a great deal of 9/11 Truth made it into a lot of homes.

Click here to watch the clip (see 18th June)

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[EDIT] Find out about The Elephant in the Room Podcast

Audio: Interview with Dean Puckett on his film 'The Elephant in the Room'

Interview with Dean Puckett where he talks about his award-winning film 'The Elephant in the Room'. Featuring clips from the film including his arrest live on Fox News plus 3 times Oscar nominated director Mike Leigh, who attended one of the screenings, gives his view too.

"It's terrific, it's a really thorough, profound, sensitive, professional piece of work. It gets right to the core of the issue, it leaves you with no doubt whatever, i mean it's not a conspiracy film but it leaves you with no doubt that there obviously is a fundamental conspiracy. It's a great piece of work and i just hope it's gonna get out there for people to see it, and digest it and understand it... it'll change things." - Mike Leigh

Listen to interview - mp3

Interview about The Elephant In The Room

I was Interviewed by my good friend and Ex Media studies Teacher Jason Ramasami about the process of making my New Film The Elephant In The Room. To the people from the States that have emailed me asking when you will get to see it. Please be patient I'm working on it!


All the best

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