Election 2008, Endgame

If you think that the administration either caused or at least allowed 911, then have you considered what happens if the GOP loses the election?

At the moment the bushies are able to stonewall, obfuscate and just plain lie about anything. If the dems get in at the next election, they're going to have complete access to ALL secret records.

So, if bush & co were involved, that makes them guilty of treason and mass murder!

No matter how strong the "Old boys network" might be, that still probably carries a death penalty.

Can you imagine bush, cheney, et al allowing themselves to be prosecuted and punished for war crimes? Not me.

So then the unthinkable happens. If the GOP loses the election, the change from a democracy to a dictatorship comes out of the closet. The US is already halfway there but its all just a law bent here, a new law there at the moment.

For those who say "This is America, it can't happen here", please remember that there have already been at least 4 wars of conquest on the continent since the pilgrims landed.