The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Ed Asner and Michelle Phillips Endorse Action on the Eleventh

At a recent David Ray Griffin speaking engagement in Los Angeles, Activist and Actor Ed Asner and Michelle Phillips of The Mamas and The Papas both endorsed the campaign for Action on the Eleventh Day of Every Month until Justice. At the same event, Johnny Wave of Marines For 9/11 Truth called for the court martial of the Commander-in-Chief.

Take Action July 11

SF Truth Action on CBS 5

A direct result of our demonstrations outside CBS News. Please drop Manny Ramos a line and urge him to follow up with Richard Gage of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth:

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

SF Truth Action with Bob Bowman

When SF Truth Action returned to CBS on June 11, we brought Dr. Bob Bowman with us.

Full report on the June 11 edition of Truth Revolution Radio. Video coming soon.

Colonel Bowman tells CBS to "DO YOUR JOB!"

Dear 9/11 Activists,

You have taken to the streets, you have made the DVDs, you have been to the conferences, you have heard the testimony, you have made the calls, you have borne the brunt of criticism, (some of it deserved, some of it contrived to demoralize you), you have read the books, (the official and alternative theories), and you have decided where to cast your lot.

And, you have decided to act!

Ok, now what?

Now is the time to focus your energy like a laser beam. Now is the time to inject yourself into the political debate in this country, and by proxy, to inject discourse about 9/11 into the living rooms of America.

How to do it?

Here is a clue. Last month activists confronted John Kerry with tough questions on WTC7 in Austin, TX. The video was posted to the internet. Alex Jones' ran a story on Kerry's obfuscation, and this story was mirrored across the web.

SF Truth Action Rocks ABC

On the Eleventh Day of May 2007, SF Truth Action held demonstrations at The San Francisco Chronicle, ABC, CBS and NBC. This video documents our action at ABC.

Music by Dan Wallace
Edited by Jeff Marsalla and cosmos

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

The Eleventh Day LIVE on Truth Revolution Radio and

Call In May 11 Action Reports All Day 1-512-646-6445 for broadcast on tonight's Truth Revolution Radio.

Massive media contact list - use it today!

Live NYC Truth March Broadcast

1st ever live NYC street action broadcast 12pm - 6pm EST on

5/11/07 will stand for 5+ years since the horrendous acts on 9/11/01, we as CHANGE will not stop until the truth behind 9/11 comes out. We will meet in the Streets each 11th and stand up for truth and justice.

12:00 PM - WTC Building 7
1:30 PM - Federal Reserve
2:00 PM - New York Stock Exchange
3PM-5PM - Columbus Circle
5:00 PM - Times Square

The Eleventh Day LIVE on Truth Revolution Radio

Cosmos and Luke report on May 11 actions for truth and justice from around the world.
Call in with your report LIVE between 9 - 10 pm Pacific 1-888-202-1984
Or call in and record your report any time today at 1-512-646-6445
Listen live

The Basics with Luke on Truth Revolution Radio

Luke on Truth Revolution Radio talking about the basics of getting started in 9/11 truth activism.

Truth Revolution Radio Monday May 7

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Take Action on May 11!

Tired of a complicit corporate media getting away with mass murder?

Let Them Know It's Not Going to Be Business As Usual Any Longer!

High visibility actions are encouraged wherever you are on May 11.

Make video, take pictures, represent for 9/11 Truth!

Find an Action - Add your Action


SF Truth Action Rocks Golden Gate Park

On March 11 2007, we observed 66 months of 9/11 treason and the second national day of action on the Eleventh with a demonstration at the entrance to Golden Gate park at the top of Haight Street in San Francisco. Our second action - like our first - was blessed with beautiful weather, a good turnout and a lot of support and encouragement from many of the people we encountered - a few of whom picked up signs and joined us.

By the end of the day thousands had seen our message, many had been engaged in discussion, we had given out flyers and cards and about 150 dvds and had a lot of fun. Next month we plan to demonstrate at City Hall, the Federal building and local mass media outlets.

Join us on April 11th with a 9/11 truth action in your town!

Actions and Events for March 11

March 11, 2007 is our second national day of truth action on the Eleventh and we are up to 12+ locations across the country.

Actions and Events for March 11

New York City
San Francisco
Melbourne, Florida
St. Petersburg, Florida
Louisville, Kentucky
Albany, New York
Portland, Oregon
San Luis Obispo
Columbus, Ohio
Los Angeles
San Diego

Details and contact info at the link above. If you're doing an action that's not listed, add it to the list. If you don't have anything planned, please join us in any way you can to increase 9/11 truth visibility on March 11. Plan an action for April 11th.