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Let's help Richard Gage.

Richard Gage is desperately asking us to please, please email architects (and engineers). This is simple. He explains it on Let's support Gage !!! Let's help him out.

The action is simple.
Get the email address of an architect or an engineer.
*Email one individual at a time.

Email a message similar to this:

"I know that you are an expert on these kind of things. I ran across this short TV interview with an architect And I also visited this website supported by many architects.
What do you think about Building 7? "

Getting the names of architects is easy. Go to the yellow pages. Google their firm. Go to a University website and get the email addresses of those architects who teach. There are many resources. *Email one individual at a time so it does not look like spam.

An Efficient Way to Spread Truth That Everyone Can Do

Since our mainstream media continue to censor 9/11 truth, I urge everyone to begin “mass emailing” 9/11 truth messages now! It is not difficult to disseminate thousands of emails per day. Here are some tips to get you started:

Copy or compose your own 9/11 truth message & open free email accounts at Yahoo, Gmail, etc. These accounts let you send hundreds of emails a day. (Better yet, open an unlimited number of these accounts via an “anonymous proxy” service like the free “TOR” network.)

Buy inexpensive programs called, “email spiders”, & “bulk email senders” to quickly accumulate & send your own email lists. (Most senders let you deliver messages directly to recipients’ in-boxes, bypassing you ISP’s mail servers.)

Alternatively, open an internet account with a bulk-email friendly ISP. You may also buy email lists costing as little as $39 for about 1 million addresses. Look into free WiFi as well.

Merely spend an hour on the web searching the above methods to become familiar with them.

Mark Weitzman Answered My E-mail

Hi all.

Much to my surprise, Mark Weitzman answered my e-mail from a few days ago. I posted that e-mail in the comments section of the previous SWC thread (Not the ae911truth one, but the one several days before). Today, I received a response. I don't know it's a form response he's writing to all his 9/11 related letters, so I'll be interested to hear if Weitzman has written any of you all. I'll post my e-mail to him first, followed by his response:



I am writing to protest the SWC's conflation of 9/11 truth and
research sites to digital terrorism, hate, and anti-Semitism. Calling us "9/11
deniers" is extremely insulting to the millions of concerned American
(and world) citizens with legitimate questions about what really happened
on 9/11.

To question the true identity of the perpetrators is NOT analogous to
holocaust denial. While a small minority of 9/11 activists openly mix
holocaust revisionism with 9/11 skepticism, this only represents a
tiny fraction of the 9/11 movement at large, and as a violinist who studied

911Blogger Outbound Email Issues Resolved

Hello folks, many of you have had difficulty registering on the site or requesting new passwords since our confirmation emails rarely reached you. We believe these problems have been resolved. If you have had trouble registering or requesting a new password in the past, please give it another try...

Email All Vermont STATE legislators re Burlington Vt 9/11 Investigation Initiative

As has been blogged here and elsewhere, Burlington, Vermont activists have collected more than enough
signatures to put on their municipal ballot a proposition that their legislators should work for a genuine
investigation of 9/11.

These are the email addresses of all of the Vermont state representatives and senators, for anyone who wants
to urge them to work for that proposition. (Probably only 40 or 50 addresses at a time will be accepted by
the receiving program at the legislature.)

This entry can be easily copy/pasted to civic-minded friends and acquantances who might also want to
contact them.

Yes, Vermont has a lot more state representatives than most states do. So does New Hampshire. The more
the merrier! A few of the legislators home emails are also included.

Michael Smerconish email advertising his new book subtlely links 9/11 with Iraq

When MSNBC's Scarborough Country, being hosted by Michael Smerconish, recently had a couple 9/11 related guests on, I wrote Mr. Smerconish a message at his radio site email page and sent it to him no less than 10 times in a row.

The message was a strong request, urging Mr. Smerconish to have Professor Steven E. Jones as a guest on Scarborough Country, to present his hypothesis for controlled demolition of the World Trade Center towers and World Trade Center building 7. At the time of the email, I was under the impression that Mr. Smerconish was the regular host of Scarborough Country. He hasn't taken up the request, maybe I should write the regular host.

Anyway. This morning when looking through one of my email addresses -- the email address used when sending the strong request to Mr. Smerconish -- I saw that since I entered my email address when sending the message, I must have been added to Mr. Smerconish's email mailing list. "Great!"

When reading the email, hoping that it was maybe Mr. Smerconish replying about my strong request to have Professor Steven E. Jones as a guest on Scarborough Country (or even his radio program), alas, I was disappointed to find that it was only him trying to build interest in his new book, and promote his 2006 Book Club season. Click here to read a screen capture of the email which contains: "Then came 9/11." Followed by the line: "While men like me rung their hands, Pantano re-enlisted. He ended up in Iraq."