Emanuele Montagna

Italy, molto grazie! "Rogue World" Meetings in Italy, May 4 - June 8

Interest in 9/11 skepticism continues to grow in Italy, helped no doubt by William Rodriguez's positive media experience, but also by hard, dedicated, on the ground work by activists like Emanuele Montagna of gruppo Faremondo.

Montagna helped organize the First Italian International Conference on the events of September 11th, 2001, and sent us a first-hand report of the day's events. You can view some video of the events here;


The Italians have also used the form of a play to generate interest and inform, with the play "UnDC-9". Some video excerpts here;


Now, Montagna and company have set up a series of Six meetings from May 4 - June 8 called "Rogue World";


Rogue World

War, Imperialism and Western Society in the post-911 Age

Six meetings organized by Emanuele Montagna (Faremondo)

Bologna, Italy, meeting room of Dopolavoro Ferroviario Park (Railway Station)