Emergency Calls

More 9/11 Emergency Calls Released

AP has the goods:

The tapes of 19 emergency calls from Sept. 11 - including one from an office safety director - were released Friday as part of a lawsuit filed by The New York Times and some victims' families.

The latest calls were to police operators and some later transferred to the Fire Department.

City officials said eight World Trade Center victims made 11 of the calls. The complete recordings were sent to their families, who could later decide to make the caller's side public.

In recent years, the city has released hours of emergency calls that were made amid the chaos of the terrorist attacks. In March, officials issued transcripts of 130 calls from people trapped in the towers, including only the voices of operators and other public employees.

In August, more than 1,600 previously undisclosed emergency calls were released. And a year earlier, thousands of pages of emergency workers' oral histories and radio transmissions were made public.