Questioning 9/11 Is a Waste of Time Which Distracts us from the REAL Problems, Right?


Some people argue that questioning 9/11 is a waste of time -- which distracts us from the many real problems our country is facing.

There's the economic downturn, the Iraq war, terrorist threats, loss of liberties and a lot of other problems that need fixing. So stop wasting time and distracting everyone with all this stuff about 9/11, right?

Well, before I address that argument, let me ask you one question: how did we get here? How did we get into the economic downturn, the Iraq war, the war on terror, spying and the loss of liberties, and the other problems?


Let's start with Iraq. Why are we in Iraq? WMDs, you say!

Actually, President Bush's March 18, 2003 letter to Congress authorizing the use of force against Iraq, includes the following paragraph.

Let's Talk Impeachment, NOT Violent Revolution

Apparently, a number of articles and groups are discussing -- in one way or another -- violent revolution. See, for example, this essay.

Prominent impeachment activists argue that impeachment, rather than violent revolution, is the appropriate mechanism built into the Constitution to fight tyranny.

But some people respond that Congress won't impeach, and so that mechanism is not available. Specifically, House leader Pelosi has said "impeachment is off the table", Judiciary Committee chairman John Conyers won't take action, and the Congress as a whole simply won't start impeachment proceedings. So they argue that with impeachment unavailable, the only option left is violence.

But I think that argument is missing a very important point.

Are Those Who Question 9/11 Anarchists?

Defenders of the official version of 9/11 claim that people who question the government's account are anarchists who want to tear down the United States of America.

This is important because many Americans in a position to be able to spread the truth or help to obtain justice will fight any effort which they think will destroy America.

Are 9/11 truth activists, in fact, anarchists?

Well, I've been involved in the 9/11 truth movement for years, have spoken with many of the leading advocates for 9/11 truth, and have been involved enough in various groups and discussion boards to have a sense of the types of people who question 9/11. Based on that experience, I would say no.

Why We'll Win

History proves that ideas are more powerful than weapons. Sure, in the short-term, those who possess the strongest military and the deadliest weapons will prevail. But powerful new ideas bring greater change over the span of a couple of hundred years than military might.

The wannabe-fascists in America, England, Israel and other countries have won in the short-term. For example, there already is soft fascism in America and England. Wars have already been launched just because America -- as sole superpower -- had the military strength to do it. The elections are already rigged, with only those hand-picked by the powers-that-be standing any chance of winning.

But people world-wide are waking up to the facts of manipulation of intelligence, false flag operations and rigged elections. This is a huge development.


Fascism Is Over ... If We Want It

Many times, when I explain to people what's going on in our country today, they at first argue that things aren't really that bad, and that America could never go fascist.

After a couple of examples about what's been happening recently, and a brief overview of what fascism actually means, they get it.

But then they shrug their shoulders and say "there's nothing I can do", hoping that that's the end of discussion.

Are they right? Is there nothing we can do about fascism? Should we just hunker down and try to survive it?

Well, first of all, there is something we can do to break free of the fascist concrete which has been poured over America, before it really hardens.

Here is just one example:

Is the 911Truth Movement "Like a Religion"?


One of the arguments by defenders of the government's version of 9/11 is that 9/11 truth is "like a religion".

In fact, one writer argues that blind patriotism, rather than 9/11 truth, is the "religious" belief system:

Investigation of a crime means reading the evidence, first. 9-11 was spectacular crime leaving behind spectacular evidence. Spectacle was the whole thing—give people visions they would never forget, embed fears to shadow them forever. Deep cracks penetrated the American psyche on 9-11, some possibly too deep to heal; therein lies perhaps the greatest ally of 9-11 perpetrators, the collective desperation of Americans for no more damage. We’ve been hurt enough!

Code Blue - America is Mortally Wounded

Former Air Force Colonel and Pentagon official Karen Kwiatkowski -- who was the key whistleblower who revealed that the Pentagon had a special division producing cooked intelligence on Iraq -- recently wrote:

"The republic is dead. Not sick, not dying, not failing, or in a gradual decline, not waiting to be resuscitated, but already stone cold dead."

Is she right?

Each of our Individual Voices Is More Important Than We've Realized

I've previously written about the importance of 9/11 polls, as most people follow the herd. In other words, since polls show that the majority of people doubt the government's version of 9/11, citing the polls is very important in convincing people who are not yet aware that the official explanation makes no sense.

Well, I just read a study which says that even one dissenting voice can give people permission to think for themselves. Specifically:

I'm Calling a Town Hall Meeting

Exposing the evidence which proves that 9/11 was an inside job is not enough. Believe it or not, that is the easy part.

Why? Because you can cite all the facts in the world, but unless the person you're talking with has some motivation to really listen, the facts will bounce off your listeners like bullets off a Kevlar vest.

Psychologists tell us that unless we give people a reason to want to know the truth about 9/11, they won't be open to changing their mind.

Indeed, some very smart people have said that propaganda is not aimed at actually convincing people, but of giving an excuse for people to believe what they want to believe.

Why Will People Want to Know the Truth?

Who's Got the Power?

Who's got the power? Is it those who own the weapons? Those who own the media? Those who are the most ruthless? Those with the most money?


History shows that -- in the long-run -- power is with those who think for themselves and chart their own course. Those who have truth on their side. Those with passion. Those with hopefulness and courage. Those with persistence and patience.

Those fighting the battle to disclose the truth about 9/11 and other things which the powers-that-be are trying to keep hidden have true power on our side . . .

We've Got the Numbers On Our Side

Those who want truth and justice outnumber those fighting to maintain the cover-up by millions-to-one.

You let one ant stand up to us - then they all might stand up.

Government's Evasiveness about 9/11 is Proof of Guilt

When a suspect who is confronted with a direct question repeatedly tries to change the subject and refuses to answer the question, that's evidence that he's guilty.

For example, if a suspect is repeatedly asked "did you stab Mr. Roberts?", and he replies "I didn't take the money!" every time he is asked, that is proof that he did in fact stab Mr. Roberts. That's especially true if no one asked him whether he took any money.

NIST is doing the exact same thing in regards to the basic questions which 9/11 activists keep asking.

For example, NIST's new factsheet contains the following question and response:

2. Were the basic principles of conservation of momentum and energy satisfied in NIST’s analysis of the structural response of the towers to the aircraft impact and the fires?

NIST's New Factsheet: Not Based on Fact

NIST has just released a new factsheet in response to pressure from 9/11 activists (especially the petition by family members and the Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice).

Scientists, engineers and architects will pick apart the factsheet in detail in the coming weeks. However, I'd like to address one particular misleading statement by NIST in the meantime.

The White House and Congress Knew of the CIA Interrogation Tapes

According to a former "senior intelligence official", the White House knew of the existence of the CIA interrogation tapes since 2003, at the very latest, and tacitly approved the destruction of the tapes in 2005.

Indeed, former CIA agent and State Department counterterrorism official Larry Johnson said that it was “highly likely” that President Bush himself had viewed the videotapes of the 2002 interrogations that were later destroyed (that's probably why the White House has instructed its spokesperson not to answer any questions on the subject).

And according to the Director of the CIA, Congress was also informed about the existence of the tapes, and -- later -- of the CIA's intention to destroy them.

Offense and Defense in 9/11 Truth

The best quarterback in the NFL can't score if he's getting sacked every play. He's got to have good offensive tackles to keep the hounds away from him long enough to make the play.

The same principal applies in 9/11 truth.

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth and are helping to spread the truth about 9/11 in an effective way. And yet both groups have been accussed of being "homegrown terrorists", or at least radicalizing people and tending to create terrorist sympathizers. See this and this.

If we don't get some offensive tackles in to support and, they won't be able to keep on spreading truth and demanding a new investigation.

What to do?