The Left is Starting to Wake Up

The left is starting to wake up, slowly.

For example, popular gatekeeping sites Digg and Daily Kos have run the following front-page stories in the last couple of days:

- Paul Craig Roberts warns that U.S. might use false flag terror to push its policies (Daily Kos and Digg)

- Bush has just signed an executive order allowing the property to be taken away from anyone who protests the Iraq war (Daily Kos and Digg)

- The "new" Bin Laden video is actually 5 years old (Digg only)

9/11 is still largely a taboo subject on left gatekeeping sites. But they are SLOWLY waking up to reality.

The million dollar question, of course, is whether the left will wake up faster than the Neocons can do new, bad things, like carry out another false flag attack.

Treason as a Basis for Impeachment

Most people who talk about impeachment are talking about "high crimes and misdemeanors". There are certainly many bases for impeaching Bush and Cheney based upon high crimes and misdemeanors (see, for example, Congressman Kucinich's articles of impeachment against Vice President Cheney; this website; and this one).

Wake Up

We The People have the power. And yet we're letting a bunch of tin-pot dictators have their way, and we're not lifting a darn finger.

I mean, millions upon millions of Americans are disgusted with the neocons and neoliberals running the government. The vast majority of the public -- that's hundreds of millions of people -- think that the current "leadership" is driving us over a cliff, and understand that the people at the helm are thugs who should be thrown out on their ears.

Independence Day

I celebrate the Fourth of July. Why?

Because our forefathers courageously fought for independence against the most powerful empire of the day.

Because they fought for freedom of religion.

Because they fought for freedom from taxation without representation (remember the Boston Tea Party?)

Even though the U.S.A. has become a fascist country

Even though American leaders have committed some of the greatest war crimes in history

Even though criminals have taken over our government

I celebrate the spirit of our founding fathers who struggled and won against tyrants with overwhelming power.

9/11 and The Left

Updated to include Michael Moore, Lewis Lapham and others.

Several prominent liberal writers are arguing that 9/11 is a distraction from the fight for liberal causes. Are they right?

Riddle Me This

Before I address that question, let me ask another one:

Q: What do Daniel Ellsberg, Lewis Lapham, Michael Moore, Cindy Sheehan, Thom Hartmann, Rabbi Michael Lerner, Marc Crispin Miller, Howard Zinn, Ray McGovern, Robert McChesney, Gore Vidal, Medea Benjamin, Doris "Granny D" Haddock, Paul Hawken, David Cobb, Randy Hayes, Ernest Callenbach, Dennis Bernstein, Paul H. Ray, Michael Franti, Janeane Garafalo and Ed Asner all have in common?

A: All of these leading liberal voices question the Bush administration's account of what happened on 9/11.

If Its Broken, Why Haven't They Fixed It?

Updated to include the Department of Homeland Security's announcement that many more terrorist attacks are "invevitable".

Structural Engineers Question Collapse of the World Trade Center

One of the arguments that government apologists have used in trying to prop up the official story of why the World Trade Centers came down on 9/11 is that no structural engineers have questioned the government's version of events. However, that is now changing.

The following structural engineers have now publicly challenged the government's account of the destruction of the Trade Centers on 9/11:

Charles Pegelow, structural engineer, of Houston, Texas

Doyle Winterton, structural engineer (retired)

Joseph M. Phelps, MS, PE. Structural Dynamicist (ret.), Charter Member, Structural Engineering Institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers

Thank You, Military Hero

I want to sincerely thank the military heroes who -- even right now -- may be thwarting another false flag attack in America.

By way of background, I read with gratitude that the "CENTCOM Commander’s Veto Sank Bush’s Threatening Gulf Buildup". And I also believe that good people in the military -- who love this country and the Constitution -- have thwarted some of the neocon's other crazy plans.

So to the behind-the-scenes heroes who are "just saying no" to another false flag attack . . .

Thank You.

I'm just a civilian, and I don't know what it is like to stand in your shoes. But I do know that the people of good faith in the military can save our country from dictatorship, poverty, and despair by preventing "another 9/11"; that is, an attack by elements of our very own government.

Crooked Cops and 9/11


Every defendant in a criminal trial tries to argue that he was framed. On the other hand, anyone who's watched a tv detective show knows that crooked police officers do sometimes plant false evidence in order to frame an innocent person for the crime.

If a detective is any good, he will take a look at whether the evidence was planted or real. While he won't accept the defendant's word at face value, he will discard any evidence which was obviously planted. If he determines that evidence is planted, he will ask the follow up questions of who planted the evidence and why. His investigative instincts and street smarts will also lead him to ask whether the person who planted the evidence was the real criminal -- because the real perpetrator of the crime often has the biggest motivation to frame someone else.

Are you with me so far? Do you agree?

Too Incompetent to Carry Out 9/11?

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When faced with evidence that elements of our own government orchestrated the 9/11 attacks, millions of Americans smugly respond that the Bush administration was too incompetent to have done it. A common statement is "They're too incompetent to even win a war against a bunch of poorly-armed people; how could they have pulled off 9/11?" Democrats are particularly liable to fall for this statement.

Bush certainly acts like a bumbler and a good old boy. Cheney accidentally shot his hunting buddy. And Rumsfeld -- Secretary of Defense when 9/11 occurred -- apparently mangled the planning of the war in Iraq. Right?

Not so fast. Are Bush, Cheney and Rumsfeld really that incompetent?

Playing Dumb

How to Give a Successful 9/11 Interview

Webster Tarpley's performance on Hannity and Colmes strengthens my belief that the most effective thing anyone can do when interviewed by the mainstream media is to list all of the highly-credible people who conclude that 9/11 was an inside job.

Tarpley is a very smart guy, and somewhat of an expert on false flag terror. But by failing to mention the names of the "authority figures" who believe the same as him, Hannity and Colmes were able to paint the 9/11 debate as "Tarpley versus everyone else". In other words, no matter how smart you are, the MSM will paint you as a "lone conspiracy nut" or part of a bunch of "nutty, uninformed, people" unless you throw out the names of some heavyweights who are recognized "authority figures". Many Americans only listen to arguments if "authority figures" endorse them.

So my advice to anyone appearing on an MSM program is to bring a list of the following types of "authority figures":

Military Leaders who question 9/11

Congress people who question 9/11

Leading conservatives who question 9/11

Leading liberals who question 9/11

Scientists who question 9/11

Family members and first responders who question 9/11

Reaching Authoritarian Personality Types with 9/11 Truth

9/11Blogger poster no_body is working to figure out how to reach authoritarian personality types with 9/11 truth. Below are his initial conclusions. No_body posted some general scholarly research in this area here, but that research did not specifically address how to reach these types of folks. So I asked him if he could write something summarizing how to reach authoritarian types with 9/11 truth, and this is his response.

Debating the Debunkers and The Authoritarian Personality

In my experience of blogging for 911 truth and any other truth you'd
care to mention. I have on many occasions met TAP (The Authoritarian

Both from the left, who use someone like Noam Chomsky as their
authority or on the right who use NIST, Popular Mechanics or Bill

It should be pointed out that the roots of this personality type can
be very deep, extending back to adolescence - peer group pressure and
conformity, or even to childhood - a dominating father for example.
Further programming takes place say in a military boot camp or in any
form of hierarchical power structure such as the work place.

Psychiatrists and Psychologists: Government's 9/11 Story is Crazy

Should people who question the government's version of the events of 9/11 have their heads examined?

Well, the following psychiatrists and psychologists have concluded that the official version of 9/11 is false. Moreover, many of these mental health experts have concluded that the government's account is so obviously false that people who believe the government's version are in psychological denial:

Psychiatrist Carol S. Wolman, MD

Psychiatrist E. Martin Schotz

Professor of Psychology at University of New Hampshire William Woodward

Professor of Psychology at University of Essex Philip Cozzolino

Debunking 9/11 Myths

Note to readers of 911Blogger: In my never-ending quest to find a way to present info in a way that people who do not want to hear about the truth can receive, I've written this.

Please Huff it here

Polls show that a large portion of the American population believes outlandish theories about the attacks of September 11th. These myths have been spread far and wide both by malicious people and by good people who have been duped by false information.

What do credible people, like high-level military leaders, scientists, legal scholars, Senators, and the 9/11 commissioners themselves think?

The following links take you to summaries of what the experts say about 9/11:

Military leaders

Legal scholars