Every 11th of the Month

32e Onze Bouge à Paris (32nd Every 11th of the month) at Paris this 11th November 2010

Herblay FRANCE

Here in France as you have probably seen on your televisions lately, we have been strongly fighting for our retirement rights, so hardly won by our parents ( as we say "par la lutte" !) . Of course, no one is talking about the robots, computers and system experts which are slowly, stealing our jobs but not giving us a buying power to buy their robot fabricated products ! Not paying retirement payments for us !

Except us in France ( I am in the Robot since 1989 and you cannot see me like the hundred of thousands of people who have taken my robot in photo at different manifestations in France and Europe )

Despite our problems caused by our French president Nicolas Sarkozy, we try to put some time on the 911 truth.

31e Onze Bouge in Paris 911 truth for world peace and justice. (Every 11th of the month 911 truth action)

Our 31e Onze Bouge in Paris at Gare Saint-Lazare for the truth on the 9/11 attacks 2001 for world peace and justice.

We were at least nine at Gare Saint-Lazare between 15h00 and till late As usual Yves Ducourneau had well organised the gathering with his photos and personnel books and documents which he put on exposition.
Some people were shocked to hear that some of us have been

The truth is getting out but if only we could get the journalists to take up the matter the truth would get out quicker.
In the meantime, we need more 911 thruthers to leave their computers for a half day and go down on the street and be seen at least each 11 th of the month.
Below is Yves's report is below in English and French see annex °1 et °2

Truth Action Ottawa - May 11, 2010 Truth Action and Richard Gage Speaking Event Summary

It's been busy for us the last few weeks! Richard Gage's visit to Ottawa was a huge success. Here are Richard's thoughts of the event as we drove him to the airport, along with a slidshow of some of the pictures that we took while he was in town:

We were able to get him an interview on CKCU FM the morning before his talk at Carleton University, which someone was kind enough to make a YouTube video for:

AE911Truth Spots Running in Los Angeles this Eleventh

In support of the "11th day of every month" campaign to promote 9/11 truth, I have purchased two radio spots on KTLK-AM Los Angeles for this Tuesday, May 11th. These are the 30-second spots with Ed Asner promoting Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth and their call for a new investigation. "K-Talk" Progressive Talk Radio covers a large market with hundreds of thousands of loyal listeners.

Run Times:

KTLK-AM Tues 6:32:30
KTLK-AM Tues 14:46:00

Previously I purchased two TV spots on NY1 voiced by Asner:

Truth Action Ottawa - 9/11 Truth Action - April 11, 2010

April 11, 2010. Here we are on our 36th official truthaction. That makes 3 full years today that we’ve been handing out discs. Not only did we gain a new person, we got rained on for the first time in a long time. It felt great.

We’re going to have to change that sign to read ‘thousands’ instead of "hundreds" of architects.

Truth Action Ottawa 2009 Year In Review & Special Thanks to “Will”

Happy holidays from Truth Action Ottawa! It has been an incredible year for us and we thought we'd take this opportunity to thank everyone who has put so much effort into making Truth Action Ottawa a huge success in 2009. Your dedication and energy has helped make TAO more successful than we could have possibly hoped for.

26th Onze Bouge Paris(4th july) Herblay(5th July). 11th of each month. FRANCE

Herblay FRANCE
Bonsoir ,
During the months of July and August, the French are on holiday and it is not easy to organise a 911 "Onze Bouge" an "Eleventh of each Month" action. Especially as most of us work and we are only free on a Saturday or Sunday. When it is not possible to do an action on the 11th of the month I usually pick the Sunday or Saturday before. And it is handy as it still gives a chance to organise, on the spot, an exceptional action a couple of days after for the 11th .
So that is how Yves and I did our "Onze Bouge" the Saturday 4th in Front of the Saint-Michel Fountain south east Paris and the 5th of July on the Herblay Market.
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Last Minute Idea for Action on June 11th - TODAY!

Need a good idea for an action today?

Glenn Beck's Common Sense Comedy Tour's last night is TONIGHT JUNE 11th, just in time to incorporate the tour into your STREET ACTION! God really does have a terrific sense of humor.

I guess this is a rebroadcast of some taped comedy show that is playing out in movie theaters everywhere across the nation.

Quote from website:
Due to popular demand for Glenn Beck's theater events, an ENCORE screening will take place the following Thursday, June 11th. This show will be recorded live on June 4th and is being rebroadcast in select theaters on June 11th so you don't miss out on Glenn Beck's summer 2009 comedy tour.

Anyway, here is a list of cities, theaters and times.

Remember ... be polite :-)

Truth Action. Every 11th Until Justice!

21e ONZE BOUGE ==> 21st Every 11th of the Month, France, HERBLAY

Herblay FRANCE

Bonjour ,

did my "Every 11th of the Month" yesterday on the Sunday market. Nice morning in the sun.
One person insulted me on my action on the market but other people near him put him in his place. There were many socialist militants distributing their fly sheets "Réagir contre la crise" and not one of them knew the existence of the Bilderberg group which as we all know is part of the problem. One on them promised me to look it up on the web.
Many encouragements and many interesting exchanges of view on world politics espcially with the older persons. Robert was there as usual giving me a helping hand when needed. He is the one who takes the photos for 911Blogger. Heard from him that there is a lot of buz concerning the last contribution of Jean-Pierre Petit on the Mossad. see °5 _ _ _ _ _ for his web site and an interview with him

Still hoping to find other citizens to help me organise at HERBLAY a projection of "Press for truth" followed by a debate.

Yours John





Sydney 9/11 Truth Action - 11 Jan 2009


The Australian 9/11 truth movement is not going away.

We will continue to press for truth and justice - for as long as it takes.

The Sydney group meets on the 11th of every month, usually at the Town Hall.

The Plane Truth Project REDUX - NYC, September 11, 2008

The final run for the Plane Truth Project, REDUX in the Summer of Truth (2008) series of the 11th of the month truth actions will be taking place on September 11, 2008 in NYC.

The plane will be taking off from west of Asbury Park, NJ and will fly an aerial 9/11 Truth banner from the Batter Seas, NY to the George Washington bridge and back.

The flight time has not been determined yet. The weather that day may affect it.

I would love any thoughts or ideas on what this final banner should say. (Limited to 45 characters, including spaces.)

I'd like to get the most bang for the buck here, while still being cognizant of the somber day this is for many still.

Currently my top choices are:


Just kidding on the last one.

Thanks for any input.

Summer of Truth, 2008