The Facts Speak For Themselves

No George Monbiot, These Are The Facts of September 11th 2001

Response to The UK Guardian Hit Piece

Crimes of the State

Mr. Monbiot has taken the standard media attack approach: conflate the internet film "Loose Change" with the subject of September 11th US government complicity. How brave to redo the same smear that has gone around for several years now focusing on the easily challenged claims, and ignoring the full breadth (and breathtaking amount) of evidence.


1. The president of the United States, when informed that a second plane had struck the World Trade Center, continued to read about a pet goat.

The 9/11 Truth Movement Is Filled With Great Salespeople

As a profession, I hate sales. You have to produce something for which you have absolutely no control over. You can't make a person buy something. Ultimately, it is the customer's decision whether or not they are going to give you their money. Provided what you're selling is what they're looking for, and what they want.

As we found out by the latest NYTimes/CBS poll, only 16% of this country believes the official version of events regarding 9/11. How did that happen? Are members of this movement just that good, or is it something else?

The "Debunkers" of this movement like to say things like, "Your facts are a joke", "you are in denial about what happened", "you are conspiradroid morons who like to fabricate reality", and many other nice, and complimentary statements.

If the facts that we cite are a joke, and we are in denial about what happened, then how is it that 84% of this country are starting to believe what we have to say?

As I said, I hate sales. Because of that fact, it probably means I'm not very good at it. Again, why are people starting to believe what we have to say?

Could it be that the facts that we cite aren't a joke, and in fact, speak for themselves? Could it be that the questions we have are legitimate, and deserve to be answered?