false flag warning

Norway is only the beginning

Amidst a crumbling Trans-Atlantic monetary system, a highly technical and public terrorist attack happens in Norway, the most peaceful nation on Earth. Governments around the world are shocked, many worried they could be next. A white, Norwegian Freemason/Knight Templar right-winger is the scapegoat. We are told he acted alone, like Oswald before him, but already there is alleged proof of at least a second gunman. White people around the world are now looked at the way Muslims were after 9/11. Homeland Security will now be doing "random" checks on white, conservative men and women all across America, coincidentally Obama's biggest opposition leading up to the 2012 election, all because of Norway. There is no question that the Norway attack is a big deal and will be studied for a long time. However, despite everything that has happened, I am firmly of the belief that Norway is just the beginning.