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Glenn Beck: Fun With Email

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Subject: Frothing Fascist Glenn Beck Has No Business on CNN "News" Network

Propaganda is not news. Is this some alien idea over at CNN these days? Send Beck over to Fox, where at least we know it's all spin all the time.

"Bill Maher's nasty spat with some 9/11 conspiracy nut jobs was a nuisance on live TV, but are these conspiracy theorists a menace to society? You bet they are."

Beck and censorship are the real "menace to society." The protestors were using civil disobedience (something Beck evidently never heard of) to protest Maher and his network's censorship of the most important news story of our time: the black and white proven cover up of the 9/11 attacks.

Glenn Beck Attacks Rosie O'Donnell

Thanks to www.mediamatters.org

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Rosie isn't the only one that doubts Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's confession\s. There have been several reports that state confessions obtained through torture are not valid. What's the problem Glenn?