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Rush Limbaugh Shows It's Ok To Talk About Clinton And 9/11

Source: rushlimbaugh.com

"Which is why a guy like Sandy Burglar would risk his reputation and jail time to go in and do whatever he did at the National Archives to make sure the Clinton administration would end up looking good when the 9/11 Commission started looking at things that happened prior to 9/11."

Mentioning Bush (who was in office at the time) and 9/11, is a no no. Blaming 9/11 on Clinton is good. ABC even made a movie about how Bill Clinton was responsible for 9/11. It was called "The Path To 9/11". Bill Kristol blamed Clinton on Fox News. That particular list can go on and on.

Keeping in mind, I don't like Bill Clinton. I'm not defending him. I want to know why the media has a double standard when it comes to 9/11 blame.