FaxForTruth.com Launched, New 9/11 Activism Site Hopes for Weekly Fax-Bombs for 9/11 Truth

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Please note: As a Canadian I am always trying to think up ideas I and my fellow non-Americans around the world can take part in. This idea was thought up before the Fax C-SPAN campaign was announced. It was merely a kick in the ass to get the website completed as soon as possible. This is why the initiative is being announced with only one more day to fax C-SPAN.


FaxForTruth.com has been officially launched on a shoestring budget and with only a basic knowledge of web programming

This new site hopes to organize weekly fax-bombings of 9/11 truth to those in a position of power to influence a new 9/11 investigation.

In solidarity with weekoftruth.org, our first campaign is to fax C-SPAN encouraging them to cover the upcoming Symposium in Keane, NH. A sample letter can be found on the main page of the website, as well as a link to a website where you can send faxes for free over the internet.

New campaigns will be announced every Monday and we hope that people will sign up for our forums to propose candidates for future campaigns as well as vote on those proposed. We would like these campaigns to be organized as democratically as possible.

Future candidates will include:

Create a 9/11 Truth Fax for Congress

Knowing that big-graphic faxes can have a big impact, and after seeing this fax demanding impeachment, I'm putting out a call for someone to make a similar fax about 9/11 truth.

You can get facts about why Bush and Cheney should be impeached for 9/11 even if you still somehow accept the official story here.