FDNY Deputy Fire Chief Jim Riches

Many Wonder, Did Giuliani Profit From 9/11?

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Many Wonder, Did Giuliani Profit From 9/11?

(CBS) NEW YORK When Rudy Giuliani left office in 2001, he was worth a little less than $2 million. But official filings show he now could be worth 30 times that amount. And that has critics charging he's exploited a tragedy.

Giuliani's become a multi-millionaire since Sept. 11. And that's not sitting well with FDNY Deputy Fire Chief Jim Riches.

"He's making all this money on the backs of my dead son and all the other dead victims that day," Riches said.

That's a serious charge, but it's echoing among Giuliani's critics in wake of his financial disclosures this week. It turns out the former mayor could be worth up to $66 million.

Last year he collected speaking fees of $11.4 million, consulting fees of $4.1 million and fees from his Texas law firm of $1.2 million.

Giuliani biographer Wayne Barrett said he's attended some of Giuliani's lucrative speeches.