FEMA prisons

KBDI, PBS Denver, to Premier Camp FEMA on Saturday, March 6th

KBDI, PBS in Denver CO, continues to be the leader for alternative programming by premiering the movie "Camp FEMA" produced by William Lewis and Gary Franchi to air this Saturday, March 6th. KBDI has been the pioneer station for alternative programming by offering up controversial documentaries that help challenge the status quo and educate a dormant public about what is really going on around them. It began with Aaron Russo's "Freedom to Facism" and went onto other notable documentaries such as Kyle Hence & Ray Nowosielski's "Press for Truth" and Richard Gage's "Blueprint for Truth". Both of these documentaries still rank 3rd and 5th respectively as most talked about on KBDI's website.

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U.S. military plans for combating U.S. civil insurrections

A leaked document dated 1 june 2007 from the Baghdad green zone states that the U. S. military has drawn up plans to redirect some troops stationed abroad for placement in the U.S.allegedly to combat domestic insurrections. Reported by TBR News July 16, 2007 and the Rumor Mill and a host of other sites. These FEMA prisons must filled somehow (see video).

According to the leaked report, the Pentagon command believes that such civil insurrections are not only a possibility but a very real probability in the event that the President and his advisors maintain their present course vis a vis the Iraqi war.

Is this credible? Yes, I think it is it is credible, but the document itself could be a forgery.