9/11 Truth Novelist Mike Palecek on Truth Jihad Radio Saturday 4/7 6-8 pm CT (corrected from earlier post erroneously putting him on Dynamic Duo Friday)

As far as I know, there are only four 9/11 truth novels: Hal Sisson's Modus Operandi 9/11, Nick Shelton's The American Truth, Steve Alten's The Shell Game, and now...ta-da!...Mike Palecek's Iowa Terror.

This is Mike's tenth published novel, by my count, and it's another witty, darkly humorous entry from Iowa's answer to Kurt Vonnegut. What's more, it tackles 9/11 truth head on. Here's the description from Mike's website, :

“IOWA TERROR” - a new Palecek novel by 7th Street Press

Terror warnings on TV, terror music on the radio. Kate Smith singing. God Bless America! We must really be in trouble. Right?

It is unique, political comedy, satire, anti-war - in George W. Bush’s America - telling the truth for once in America, that George W. Bush and Dick Cheney did 9/11 themselves in order to start a war and make money.

In large format, original color illustrations.