Screamers (featuring Sibel Edmonds)

Didn't see her in the trailer, but the cast of contributors says she makes an appearance about 3/4 of the way thru this film on the genocide committed on the Armenians by the Turks

Able Danger premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival?

Are the programmers at Tribeca committed to advancing a 911 agenda? They have developed a '911 Category' at the Festival this year and The film Able Danger has been entered to this year's festival and would be an obvious pick. It is a noir homage 911 conspiracy theory femme fatale driven noir thriller filmed in New York, Brooklyn, Tribeca and based around a New Yorker Patriot who runs a little cafe-bookstore-micropoublisher ( in Flatbush.

Able Danger played in Rotterdam to 3 sold out shows of 400 in attendance and the Q&A with the director went on until the movie theater had to shut it down.

Now you could say that the Dutch are just smarter than the Americans, but I don't think so.

Able Danger The Movie World Premiere in Rotterdam

Hit the website to see a trailer

Sun. 01/27/2008 22:30 Cinerama 2(Press & Industry)
Mon. 01/28/2008 21:45 Pathé 7(Public)
Tue. 01/29/2008 20:00 Cinerama 7(Public)
Fri. 02/01/2008 19:15 Pathé 7(Public)

Thomas Flynn, the idealist owner of a left-leaning radical cafe-bookstore and the quixotic publisher of a hard-hitting 9/11 conspiracy expose, finds himself entangled with a mysterious Eastern European beauty, Kasia, who is on the run from the architects of a global 9/11 cover-up, in this contemporary take on classic film noir. When Thomas is implicated in the murder of his friend and employee, he's forced to unravel Kasia's complex web of lies while attempting to fight his natural attraction to her. As it turns out, Kasia possesses the smoking gun that proves the identities and methods of the real architects of 9/11, and Thomas willing to risk everything to expose the truth.

Zeitgeist, The Movie - London Theaterical Premiere - Dec. 7th 9pm

'Zeitgeist, The Movie', the non-profit truth film which won the Artivists Film Festival's top award, giving the controversial work a high degree of public exposure, is now being premiered in LONDON ON DECEMBER 7TH '07 at 9pm at the Genesis Cinema.
If you are in the London Area, please come out and support this Artivist's screening.
A Q&A with the film maker, Peter Joseph, will follow the showing.

Dealing with Theism, 911 truth, and the global elite, Zeitgeist has become the fastest view tallying internet documentary IN HISTORY according to some trackers. With an average of 40k views a day in English alone, this movie has been in the Top 10 of the World Google Video List for 2 months... inching to the top. This film has been able to reach a vastly different audience, outside of the choir, than most of the videos out today on 9/11 and social fraud.

Impotent Antiwar * Iran * FedReserve

"9/11 Truth is a very important issue with the power
to bring lasting change to our country."

-- William Sloane Coffin

Flyby News
Editor - Jonathan Mark
19 September 2007

1) 9/11 explains the impotence of the antiwar movement
- - Sibel Edmonds case: The real culprits of 911
- - 9/11 First Responder Heard WTC 7 Demolition Countdown
- - A New Standard For Deception: The NIST WTC Report
- - "9/11 Blueprint for Truth" - Architectural Integrity vs Official Lies
- - 9/11 Gold Heist Story Heist
- - Spitzer Helped Silverstein Win $4.5 Billion WTC Insurance Windfall
- - Fidel Castro says U.S. fooled world over 9/11
- - 9/11 - the big cover-up?
2) Bush Setting America Up for War on Iran
- - War Against Iran and the Logic of Dominance
- - Drift into War with Iran Out of Control, Says UN
- - B-52 Nukes Headed to Iran?
- - Greenspan Admits Iraq was About Oil, As Deaths Put at 1.2 Million
- - The Nightmare Is Here
3) World Reports and another thrilling Wanta episode as the world turns
- - Masters of the Universe, The Secret Birth of the Federal Reserve

Valley 9/11 Truth presents:
“9/11: Blueprint for Truth:
The Architecture of Destruction”

9/11 expressed through Interpretive sex? (NSFW)

The strikeback website contains sexual content not appropriate for minors. Or frankly, some adults. Click with discretion. -rep.

Just in case you didn't catch it in the title, this is NOT SAFE FOR WORK.


There is a little controversial film titled FLESH made by Edouard Salier which mashes imagery of 9/11 with pornography in order to form a unique reinterpretation of the events on 9/11 and the outcome.

From the 'About' Section on Film's site (Strikeback Films):

"Flesh contrasts Americans and Terrorists. America as corrupt, libinous and excessive as religious fundamentalists present it. America, the superpower, filled with such fervour and energy that it can feed its own aggressions and contain within itself a violence inherent to the foundations of its very empire.

9/11 Truth-ish Conference

There will be a week-long 9/11 Truth-ish conference starting Monday, April 23 in Chico, CA mostly held at CSU Chico campus, with a film at the Pageant Theater on Saturday. It is part of the CSUC Peace Institute's Spring Festival for 2007, with assistance from the Chico 9/11 Truth group.

Although it is not a pure "9/11 Truth" conference, since an attempt at a 'balanced presentation' was demanded by some anti-9/11 Truth zealots on campus, there will still be a fair amount of 9/11 Truth information presented. We will also be handing out 9/11 Truth flyers at all events. Check the event notice link for a schedule.

The film Shooter and 9/11

This might not be story-breaking news on the false-flag operation we know as 9/11 but, I found this crafty message to be rather brilliant in this time of fascism in the US of A.
The whole film is pro-truth-movement but, I found one scene to be rather refreshing.
I might be presuming a tad but, knowing a tad about films I know that certain items placed on the set are placed for a reason and after watching the film I know this certain item was placed for a reason. The same goes for the dialogue spoken by the characters.

At about 9:15-9:25 the film displays that crafty message I was talking about: the film zooms into Mark’s characters sitting at his computer desk and clearly at the right-hand corner is the official 9/11 commissions report and as he turns on his computer with the report still in the camera’s view he says, “Let’s see what lies they [the US government] are trying to sell us today.”

I don’t know about you but I found this to be subliminally fantastic.
The film is packed of these types of messages but, I found this one to be the paramount.

Emotional Hit Peice - "The Falling Man"

I'm not sure if any of you have seen this film. It's a very emotion driven production but I decided to sit down and watch it. Normally I would put these films on and get busy doing various other things while mainly listening to the audio. I have seen too much of this video as it is. But as of late I have been actually watching and analyzing the footage. Paying extra attention to the details.

While watching this film I ran across several interesting cookies:
~ The testimony.
~ The images.
~ The emotional implants.
~ The Misinformation.

Here is the breakdown from the MySpace Bulletin I received publicizing this film.

9/11 Truth Film Festival, February 9-11, 2007, Cambridge, MA

The text below is extracted from an email. The venue is The Democracy Center (map).

9/11 Truth Film Festival
February 9-11
The Democracy Center
45 Mt. Auburn St.
Cambridge, MA
Friday 6 PM to 12 AM
Saturday 12 PM to 12 AM
Sunday 12 PM to 8 PM
Free admission and popcorn

An evidence-based, scientifically-sound look into what really happened on 9/11.
26 hours of spellbinding documentaries about 9/11 and related topics.

Hollywood Conspiracy Theory

It has always interested me, those people who think that almost eveything that goes on in the government world is a conspiracy; they are probably right, but only if there is power and money in it.
Did anyone see the film with Robert Redford; Max von Sydow, three days of the condor? (1975) it is a must see...
I was told by a visiting american here in the U.K. and he worked for your government, he said the film was all true; this explains it all 9/11 and the oil...

I would be interested in your comments...

"911 Mysteries: Part 1: Demolitions" to be screened in Newton, MA on October 18, 2006 at 7 PM

The Boston 9/11 Truth Committee anouncement:

The Boston 9/11Truth Committee proudly presents an important new film:


Written and Directed by Smallstorm

Featuring construction and demolition experts, survivors and
first responders on the scene deconstructing the myth of 911.

Why were there explosions in the basement of the towers long before the buildings fell?
Why did building 7 collapse if it was not hit by an airplane and suffered only a few small fires?
What was the Bush family's involvement in the company managing World Trade Center security?
Why were there multiple "security evacuations" of the buildings in the weeks leading up to 911?

What if the Twin Towers were brought down by explosives?
What if US officials were involved?

Wednesday October 18, 2006, 7:00 PM
West Newton Cinema
1296 Washington Street, West Newton, MA
(Free parking available around the corner)

Vote Fraud documentary -- American Blackout

Download link on

American Blackout, directed by Guerrilla News Network’s Ian Inaba uses a stunning mix of never before seen archive and firsthand interviews.

Download link on

"Cui bono? WTC" to be screened at the West Chester Film Festival

Cui bono? WTC to be screened at the West Chester Film Festival

"West Chester Film Festival has accepted Cui bono? WTC for showing in West Chester, PA which is just outside of Philadelphia. The entire festival is October 6-8 and Cui bono? WTC is scheduled for screening on both the 6th and the 7th.

Our little 9/11 truth documentary has some decent legs both on the net and festival circuit lately. We still and always will strongly urge people push this film in any way possible. The short length of Cui bono? WTC (11mins) has proven extremely effective at getting more people to open up to watching an alternative viewpoint. Hopefully in the near future we will no longer worry about the most recent Zogby poll of how many Americans believe there is a 9/11 cover up, it will simply be common knowledge someday soon."

Congratulations, Erratik!

Download Cui Bono at the Erratik website; Link

Movie: Behind Every Terrorist There is a Bush

Watch on Google Video here

Watch on 911Podcasts here

"Behind Every Terrorist There is a Bush” is in my opinion perhaps one of the best 911-Truth productions out there. I’ve seen the other great documentaries from "Loose Change Second Edition" to Barry Zwicker’s excellent “The Great Deception”. But “Behind Every Terrorist There is a Bush” is something else. It does something that none of the others, despite being great in their own right, have been able to do. Because it shows the audience that there’s a movement out there. It shows people that there’s a rational, valid and organised voice rightfully questioning the “war on terror” and the event (9/11) that sparked it.