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7 years after 9/11 two buildings nearby Ground Zero still not deconstructed

Some people still have problems with the motive to demolish WTC 7 via explosives. I'll add one to the ones we already knew of.

I found this two articles in the last days and I'm safe to say that Lucky Larry had unbelievable luck with WTC 7, that was "deconstructed" on 9/11 itself, the clean-up costs paid by state and the insurance compensation of some 600 Million dollars for WTC 7 alone in his pocket. Now look at others who had not that kind of luck.


As for the current demolition schedule for the Deutsche Bank building, the source says that the goal ... is to have the building down by the end of the year. "We are working double shifts, six days a week with over 250 people in the building to insure that the building comes down as quickly but as safely as possible."

The source tells that the in the abatement phase and once the building is fully abated, the agency we will begin the deconstruction phase.