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Do you think about the past much, Frank?

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If you're in the Bay Area, stop by for a free screening of a digitally re-mastered and Surround Sound re-mixed version of LCFC.  Remo Conscious told me he'd be swinging by, too.

Hope to see you there.

Yes, I've been distant.

I'm tired, folks.

Very tired.

This is the first blog post since November, and although I've been active behind the scenes, I suppose my public persona has stepped out of the light.

Here's a few reasons why.

I began my research in May, 2002. At that point I was working construction jobs to pay my bills and I was still living in my hometown of Oneonta, New York. I was just an 18 year old kid that spent his spare time scribbling in notebooks and creating what would become the first draft of Loose Change, the movie.

A point may come when I decide to share that script with the movement/community/whomever, but, the part of me that wants to release it is overshadowed by the part that realizes it probably should stay where it currently resides; eight spiral-bound notebooks somewhere in my personal belongings.

Alot of things happened to me between May, 2002 and April 13th, 2005 when the first edition of Loose Change, the documentary, was finally released.

Loose Change Final Cut on KBPI FM with Uncle Nasty

MP3 ( 44MB )

This show was a blast. Uncle Nasty was a great guy, real balanced, and made for a great moderator. He's a big Ron Paul fan.

Virtually every caller agreed with us, and the one that didn't, "Chris", was adamant that the WTC was constructed with a "vertical concrete core." Naturally, we challenged him on this, the conversation gets somewhat heated, and Chris is dropped when he calls me a "fucking parrot" because I was not a structural engineer, even though I never claimed to be.

Frank Caliendo even did an introduction for our segment.

Check it out.

Loose Change Final Cut on AM 760 Denver

Jay Marvin Friday 2-22-08 Hour 2
Listen to the Podcast

From the site:
Jay was joined in studio by Dylan Avery and Jason Bermas producers of the film Loose Change Final Cut. This is the third cut which was released by Louder Than Words Productions last November. They have showings coming up Sunday February 24th at the Gothic Theatre at 3pm, 6pm and 9pm. On Monday the 25th at the Boulder Theater at 7pm and 10pm. On Tuesday the 26th you can catch it at the Oriental Theater at 7pm with a dj and an after party. You can get more info at

From me:
Jay was firm in his beliefs, but was mature and respectful during the discussion, unlike some other AM radio hosts.

We'll be on 106.7 FM tonight from 5:30 PM to 7:00 PM Mountain Time on Uncle Nasty's show, as well.

Loose Change Final Cut on MTV Canada

This is actually a very positive piece. I guess they saw the shirt on MTV's Made, because within 24 hours this guy was asking for a copy of the movie and permission to use it in a piece.

Too bad the American coverage can't be more like this.

Ask Michael Moore to help, as he said he would!

Good Greetings fellow Truthers and site viewers

I noticed Michael Moore's latest email and I quote him saying,
"I see so many great documentaries and it's a shame that most of you don't get to see them. Later this year, I will announce a new project that will help other filmmakers get the distribution they deserve. "
Now we have already seen footage on YouTube of Michael Moore recently being approached by Truthers and Michael Moore saying that yes there are huge questions still demanding to be answered, that yes there was a coverup and that yes he supports a new investigation. As far as I can infer from what I know.

So should we not all then QUOTE Michael in his email here to all his supporters, and ask him to first support our boys behind "Loose Change Final Cut". For him to do this, if he really cares for the family victim groups as he showed in "Fahrenheit 9/11" and also the First Responders, as he shows in "Sicko".

I am sure if we flood him with such emails... he will no doubt support Loose Change Final Cut, whether overtly or covertly, however big or small.

Thats all from me,
Warm Regards with Peace

Preparing for Loose Change: - Final Cut -

If everything is as reported, Loose Change - Final cut - is to hit theaters the week before September 11th this year. That means that we have just 3 months to prepare and organize around this ligtning rod for 9/11 Truth nationwide. As far as I can see, there are three very basic organizational landmarks around which to be organizing.

1) What will we do to promote LCFC?
2) Will there be a nationwide concerted effort? What will it look like?
3) How can we get people (especially the most resistant) to go to the theaters?
4) How can we make 9/11 truth impossible to ignore in the weeks approaching the theatrical release?

1) How will we take the energy and people that see loose change and convert that potential energy into activated energy?
2) Will we have set up meeting locations following the movie?
3) When will we meet? Where will we meet?
4) Can we establish a presence at the theaters themselves, recruiting for the 9/11 truth movement?


Loose Change Final Cut Teaser Released

YouTube link

The link above is to a mirror on our servers, below is the original posting from Dylan.

Direct Download: (yes, that is the working link)

Take it for what you will, folks. It's called a teaser for a reason. :lol:

Thanks to DBLS for the heads up!