Heartrendering Slideshow & Song Dedicated To Fallen Firefighters & Police & Families of 9/11

A beautiful tribute I found on LiveLeak! (I think it's in German?)

(BTW, I think it was more like 60 police officers, not 23 as written with the video, who were stolen from us on 9/11. We must also count the gravely ill first responders who are suffering to this very day!)

The pics of the crying children who had lost loved ones just broke my heart! (This is why we fight for 9/11 truth! So nothing like this can ever happen again!)

Firefighters blast Giuliani on Hardball *MUST SEE!*


IAFF rips Giuliani on Chris Matthew's show Hardball.

NY Times Parrots Giuliani's 9/11 Defense

Thanks to Christine for this submission, notice the contact information at the end of the article:

Firefighters' criticism deemed "factually questionable"


When the International Association of Fire Fighters, the nation's largest firefighters union, released a video on July 12 challenging the portrayal of former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani as a hero of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks, New York Times reporter Marc Santora rushed to put out the anti-Giuliani fire. His July 12 story's lead cast doubt on the accuracy of the group's claims, calling the video "at times factually questionable."

Worst loss of firefighters since 9/11


Posted on Tue, Jun. 19, 2007

Worst loss of firefighters since 9/11


Firefighters wept this afternoon as they read notes left with wreaths and bouquets outside a furniture warehouse, where a fire collapsed a roof and claimed the lives of nine of their colleagues Monday night.

The deaths were the worst single loss of firefighters since the attacks of 9/11, according to a spokesman from the U.S. Fire Administration, which tracks fire deaths and injuries.

The fire began at about 7 p.m. at the Sofa Super Store and warehouse, located off U.S. 17 just south of Charleston. One employee in the building was rescued quickly from the blaze, and firefighters punched a hole through a wall of the warehouse to reach the other.

Firefighters, police officers and other rescue workers saluted as the firefighters' bodies were carried from the warehouse during the night.

9/11 firefighters protest Giuliani fundraiser

Giuliani's Unwelcome Birthday Guests
by Azi Paybarah Published: May 29, 2007

Here’s an unwelcome birthday gift for Rudy Giuliani, as he travels around the city raising money: protests from fire fighters and family members of September 11th victims.

They've shown up in the past at Giuliani's presidential events. Today, they’re gathering in Bay Ridge, and they have plans to follow him nationwide starting sometime around January, according to Jim Riches, a deputy chief with the fire department whose son was killed in the World Trade Center attacks.

“We have all the UFA, the UFOA, and the fire members are all behind us -- the International Association of Fire Fighters,” said Riches. “And we’re going to be out there today to let everybody know that he’s not the hero that he says he is.”

The group’s complaints center on the faulty radios used by the fire department that day and what they say was a lack of coordination at Ground Zero.

And Riches disputes the notion that Giuliani provided any form of leadership on September 11 or in the days following.

Mystique of 'America's Mayor' Tarnished

Things aren't looking good for Ghouliani. Ghouliani's staff is treating this as if it were nothing more than a partisan attack by a group (NY Firefighters Union) who traditionally have supported Democrats. While that may be true in a small part, we know that there is more of a rejection of Ghouliani due to his callous disregard for Ground Zero rescue workers and 9/11 victims families that he sustained long after 9/11. Ghouliani's 9/11 profiteering on terror by way of his fictional hero role has resulted in an utterly ridiculous ascension of his personal wealth off of their sacrifices. All the while the health of the true heroes declines and they are are dying for lack of adequate protection then, and now. Firefighters had a legitimate complaint in that Ghouliani rushed to clean up ground zero, preventing the remains of many firefighters from being recovered. However, the removal of the steel, crime scene evidence that probably held darkest secrets related to the explosions in the towers and building 7, should never be forgotten.

Study links lung disease to WTC work


Ground Zero slide show:;_ylt=AiusE4l5YPax2SDQW4hYBjpH2ocA

Study links lung disease to WTC work

By AMY WESTFELDT, Associated Press WriterTue May 8, 9:40 PM ET

Rescue workers and firefighters contracted a serious lung-scarring disease called sarcoidosis at a much higher rate after the Sept. 11 attacks than before, said a study that is the first to link the disease to exposure to toxic dust at ground zero.

The study, published by nine doctors including the medical officer monitoring city firefighters, Dr. David Prezant, found that firefighters and rescue workers contracted sarcoidosis in the year after Sept. 11, 2001, at a rate more than five times higher than the years before the attacks.

Unlike previous studies that have linked exposure to the toxic dust cloud that enveloped lower Manhattan after the World Trade Center's collapse to many different respiratory illnesses, this study zeros in on one disease.

Rosie Wants 9/11 Firefighter Episode Of The View

Rosie Asks To Have A Show On The 9/11 Firefighters

9/11 hero falls as fight goes on

9/11 Hero Falls As Fight Goes On


Posted Tuesday, March 13th 2007, 10:01 AM

Philip Rooney spent five grim weeks at the World Trade Center after it was destroyed by terrorists, catching glimpses of body parts as he cleared the debris. It was a land of ghosts he was proud to inhabit.

Just over five years later, the city Department of Transportation carpenter is dead at age 41.

Rooney died March 1 of acute leukemia, after logging 202 hours at the site beginning on 9/11, the DOT confirmed.

"He smelled the jet fuel. He said it was like a big graveyard," said Rooney's wife, Patricia.

It's impossible to say for sure what caused the Seaford, L.I., father of three to develop a disease that affects just one or two out of every 100,000 men in their 30s, said Rooney's doctor, Mark Heaney.

Rooney was diagnosed three years ago; his wife said she has "no doubt" her husband's exposure to Ground Zero is to blame.

Firefighters' Union Shuns Giuliani

The Firefighters' Union is holding a bipartisan election forum on March 14, 2007. They have invited several presidential candidates, but not Rudy Giuliani. Here is an excerpt of a statement from the firefighters:

"His actions post 9/11 rise to such an offensive and personal attack on our brother and sisterhood — and directly on our union — that the IAFF does not feel Rudy Giuliani deserves an audience of IAFF leaders and members at our own Presidential Forum.

The disrespect that he exhibited to our 343 fallen FDNY brothers, their families and our New York City IAFF leadership in the wake of that tragic day has not been forgiven or forgotten.

"911 - Why We Fight" - By Douglas Herman

Another excellent article firefighter brother, Douglas Herman!

"Not until the credible testimony of those who actually experienced the controlled demolition of the WTC is given due weight, not until the testimony of those who witnessed and experienced the destruction from the inside and outside of the buildings is properly investigated, will justice be served."

911 - Why We Fight
By Douglas Herman
Exclusive to
"When men yield up the privilege of thinking, the last shadow of liberty quits the horizon." -Thomas Paine
"If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear." - George Orwell

The first time I shouldered my Scott airpack, a self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) and pressed the face mask and respirator to my face and mounted the ladder over the hotbox, I panicked and nearly fainted. My heart pounded; I couldn't breath! A sudden burst of air, however, from the release valve, relieved the feeling of suffocation, but drew a quick scolding from my firefighting instructor. Stop breathing in bursts, he said; remain calm, and follow your team leader.

Disposable Heroes 60 Minutes

Here is a link to about a three minute clip of the 60 minutes piece on
the first responders.. .once again, heartbreaking. ..