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Mayor Bloomberg defends decision not to help 9/11 first responders

The mayor was quoted as saying:

"They can say anything they want," Bloomberg said. "The Corporation Counsel is acting responsibly, protecting the interests of New York City. We're trying to make sure that we help those who really need the help."

Meanwhile, the 9/11 families are protesting Bloomberg's handling of the memorial. He refuses to list on the memorial rank and affiliation of first responders, preferring to arrange names in random order and with no identifying features.

Donate To The First Responders

This is Jon Gold's project, but I thought I would make a blog entry for it to bring it back to everyone's attention.

Donations seem to have stalled, and I know there are more than 20-odd people at this site, so COME ON! Let's do some good!

Trolls can criticize us for being "all talk," unless we show them that we're "all action" as well. A good way to do so involves donating some money to the ailing first responders.

Maybe the webmasters can create an entry of this for the front page every week?

Quick Note on Fund Raiser for First Responders

I just wanted to post a quick note of support for the fund raiser that Jon Gold has been putting together. This fund raiser is based on nothing but good intentions and a desire to try to help out those directly affected by the tragedy of 9/11. I intend to post something more formal about the fund raiser soon, but in the mean time I would encourage people to chip in a few bucks, and I hope that other 9/11 sites will join in this effort once we have something a bit more formal put together.

If You Want Something Done Right...

January 11th Action Proposal

As part of our on-going efforts to bring 9/11 Truth and related issues greater attention I would like to propose that our action on January 11th focus on the plight of the first responders and other victims of the toxic dust.

For my part I will be freeway blogging on January 11th with a specific focus on the need to help those suffering from the toxic dust as well as calling attention to the 9/11 toxic dust itself. I will also be calling my local House member, Speaker Pelosi, my two Senators and Senator Reid. Additionally I will make a point of telling everyone I meet about the plight of 9/11 dust victims. I will also write letters to the editors of the local papers and the S.F. Chronicle regarding this issue.

I think that this is an especially good issue to open our 2007 campaign with for the following reasons:

1) These people are suffering and the government has turned its back on them. Supporting them is the moral thing to do.

2) Helping these people is a very positive goal and a great way to start the year. The need our help NOW.

3) This is an issue that many people do not know about and is a relatively non-controversial entre' to 9/11 Truth.

4) This is an issue which is relatively non-threatening to the MSM and will allow us to get our foot in the door with them and begin to cultivate a real dialogue which can lead to more interest in the truth of 9/11. This is a classic human interest/environmental story that can easily be presented by and to the MSM.

Key Senator Backs Aid For 9/11 Workers

California Democrat Barbara Boxer Endorses Clinton Plan To Help Sick Ground Zero Workers


No mention of this. - Jon


(AP) The U.S. government should provide health care for sick ground zero workers, the incoming head of the Senate's environment committee said Tuesday, vigorously endorsing presidential hopeful Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's plan for a long-term care program for workers who fell sick after removing the debris of the Sept. 11, 2001 attack sites.

Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer of California, in a wide-ranging discussion as she prepares to become chairwoman of the Environment and Public Works Committee next month, told The Associated Press that sick ground zero workers deserve long-term care.

"We are taking care of the families who lost loved ones and nobody complains about that," Boxer told the AP. "Why wouldn't we take care of the people who are surviving and coughing and sick — and dying, I might add — as a result of their work? To me it's clear, I don't have any hesitation about what our obligation is."

9/11 - Why We Fight

Here, from the mouth of a "first responder"; a fireman named Douglas Herman speaks truth to power, about what really occurred on 9/11/01. in 9/11-Why We Fight Mr. Herman talks about how 343 of his brave brothers perished. About how all too many U.S. citizens have turned a blind eye, and still do, to this very day.

This is a well written article from on the truth of what happened that fateful day. It also speaks to what America will face if we fail to honor the memory of those who died by bringing that truth to light. Five years is far too long for this injustice to go unredressed.

We need more brave men like Douglas Herman to speak out on what they know. If you agree, please take a moment to "buzz" this story at

Still in Denial about 9/11?

"We were also killed on 9/11, avenge us."

First Responder David Miller

(more videos after the jump..)

New Video: SPEAKING OUT - An interview with Craig Bartmer

Former NYPD Officer Craig Bartmer was a 9/11 First Responder and a committed worker at Ground Zero. He, like many others who worked to clean Ground Zero, has developed respiratory illnesses as a result of the toxic dust inhaled at the site. Also like many others who were physically affected by the attacks, Craig Bartmer is now combating Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. In this interview he details his eyewitness account of the collapse of World Trade Centre Building 7. He also speaks out against the official 9/11 story, the lies told by the EPA about the air quality at Ground Zero and the critical need for a fresh independent investigation into the 9/11 attacks.

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Disposable Heroes 60 Minutes

Here is a link to about a three minute clip of the 60 minutes piece on
the first responders.. .once again, heartbreaking. ..


9/11 First Responder Illness

I responded to this on a mail list and then realized it was probably off-topic, so posted here.

--- In, Gritzle70 wrote:

> So the asbestos acts as a perfect cover for radioactive dust because
it, too, will kill. But I thought asbestosis was a progressive
disease. I don't know if the amount of asbestos released on that day
was sufficient to cause deaths by fact acting asbestosis.

It might be a cover, but as of yet the Federal gov will not even
admit the asbestos caused any trouble.

I can't imagine the story could hold RE: all the strange
cancers....caused by asbestos? But officials refuse even to admit
mesothelioma was a result of asbestos contamination from the "pile!"
And meso. is known to be caused by nothing other.

I don't put anything past these perps. No crazy story is too strange.
No re-writing of the laws of physics and nature too outlandish.

I have spoken to David Miller extensively. He is someone who worked on
the "pile" and is very sick with many illnesses concurrently. He now
wears an oxygen tube in his nose and carries a small oxygen tank.

He attends many of the 9/11 Sunday meetings and began his interest

NYPD Officer Shares His Story of 9/11 via MySpace

Quezinox sent in a link to a MySpace page of a former NYPD police officer recalling his experience on 9/11. The blog entry is future-dated, but according to the comments was probably initially posted in February of 2006. 'Craig 9/11' currently suffers from PTSD from his experiences at Ground Zero, and is a supporter of the 9/11 truth movement.

It is always a heart felt reminder to read these sorts of experiences from those that were actually there. This last 9/11 there were at least a dozen blog posts found via which recounted first hand stories, and I read a good number of them. This particular blog entry is doubly intriguing to me as the author was directly involved with the initial response, and saw some things which we are all blessed with not having to have seen.

Here are a couple of sections from the full entry, if someone wants to post the full entry in the comments feel free.

Tour Change ~ A 9/11 Survivor's Story - Craig 9/11 MySpace blog
requires a myspace account to view full

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Naudet Bros. Update - Guns and Butter - 9/11 First Responders.

CLARIFICATION: This little film is new, catches up with the firefighters from the original film, and most importantly, has a segment in the middle of the film that deals with the health of the fighters.

One of the Naudet's comments, "Unless it is the most extraordinary of all coincidence(s), they are all sick."

One of the fighters says that he is still sneezing up "black".

Most of them have some sort of respiratory problem.

This is a decent little tribute by the Naudet's.


Update to the Emmy award winning documentary 9/11, produced by brothers Gedeon and Jules Naudet and retired firefighter James Hanlon, shown on Britain's Channel 4 after a repeat showing of the documentary.

In September 2001, filmmakers Jules and Gedeon Naudet filmed throughout 9/11 and the days afterwards from the firemen's perspective. As the fifth anniversary of 9/11 approached, the filmmakers revisited the scene of the original documentary.

This update includes interviews with the FDNY firefighters featured in the 9/11 documentary. Some have changed jobs, some have been promoted - none can forget what they went through and all are worried about their state of health after the conditions they endured that day. One of the Naudet brothers was married in the Engine 7, Ladder 1 firehouse.

9/11 First Responders on Guns and Butter Today

Audio link coming soon...

New York Stories: 9/11 First Responders Toxic conditions at ground zero, on 9/11 and long afterward, have had devastating physical and psychological effects on a category of persons known as "first responders". These are the people that showed up, some within minutes, some from across the country, and stayed for weeks and even months. At Community Church in New York City on September 9, 2006, a group of 9/11 first responders shared their experiences at ground zero and afterward. Though they were touted as heroes, they have been treated like poor servants. Presentations by National Guardsman, David Miller; former New York City police officer, Craig Bartmer; volunteer and civil air patrol pilot, Major Mike McCormick; and former Air Force Special Operations for Search and Rescue, Kevin McPadden.

9/11 First Responders And More Speak Out On 9/9/2006

1- Intro - Les Jamieson - NY Stories
2- David Miller-National Guard
3- Craig Bartmer-Police Officer
4- Mike McCormick-National Guard
5- Kevin McPadden-Air Force
6- Donna Marsha O'Connor-Victim's Mother
7- Janet McKinley-Resident
8- Willie Rodriguez-J

Thank you to each and every one of you who spoke. Thank you, thank you, thank you.