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9/11 first responder home to be sold at auction 10/30 because of unpaid medical claims

BARNEGAT TOWNSHIP, NJ - Charles Giles has endured failing health, mounting medical bills and limitations to life as he knew it before Sept. 11, 2001.

Soon, he might add homelessness to the list.

When Giles, then an EMT, responded to the disaster scene at the World Trade Center more than six years ago, he didn't think it would later cost him his home.

But days of inhaling fumes at the site continue to provoke health problems that have prevented Giles from working. The problems were compounded by unanswered medical claims.

Family hardships that began with cutting out cable TV have culminated in their home's foreclosure in March and impending sheriff's sale Oct. 30.

Ocean County sheriff's records show Giles appealed the sale and that the sheriff's office twice delayed the sale originally set for Aug. 21. Judge Fred A. Buczynski pushed the date from Sept. 18 to Oct. 30.

Giles said he hopes to block the sale by filing suit against Wachovia Bank for alleged missteps in their dealings with him but acknowledged that it would likely take a "miracle" to prevent the auction.

Kevin McPadden on Truth Revolution Radio

9/11 first responder Kevin McPadden was the guest on the October 17 edition of Truth Revolution Radio. Kevin was a witness to the demolition of WTC 7 and on this show we discuss in depth his experiences on 9/11 and the days following. When I asked Kevin what we can do to help him and other first responders, he replied "First and foremost - just keep waking people up. The more that people are aware, the more security that this is not gonna happen again, or it will not happen to this degree again."

TRR October 17 MP3
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Kevin McPadden at Ground Zero on September 11 2007

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

We Are Change FL & NYPD First Responder



We Are Change FL & NYPD First Responder

Feal Good (Again) Support the heroes of 9/11, 12, 13...

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Let's do more for these guys/girls than our criminal government has

John Feal on Star Jones

John Feal at Webster Hall

Impotent Antiwar * Iran * FedReserve

"9/11 Truth is a very important issue with the power
to bring lasting change to our country."

-- William Sloane Coffin

Flyby News
Editor - Jonathan Mark
19 September 2007

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Valley 9/11 Truth presents:
“9/11: Blueprint for Truth:
The Architecture of Destruction”

Please Help the 70% of 9/11 Rescue Workers Fighting to Survive

Sgt David Miller is a 16 year veteran of the 69th Infantry Battalion of the 42nd Division and the 10th Mountain Division and a first responder on 9/11.

Please help Sgt David Miller and other first responders travel to Washington D.C. to demand their dignity.

Please email Sgt David Miller at


Pls see:

9/11 Still Killing - Time Magazine - posted on boingboing today.

boingboing a techy style blog with major net traffic, today posted and image and link to a photo essay with audio of first responders post 9/11. It is a good presentation for those that do not know the reality of their situation. The boingboing blog itself has comments and could use more truth posted onto it,. (hint hint)

Here is the Time multimedia page. Of course they link to the crappy Why the 9/11 Conspiracy Theories Won't Go Away article at the end, it is a lame hit piece that claims 'Conspiracists' are trying to 'make sence' out of a senceless world,. for some claimed phycological closure, however that argument is so lame that it mostly defeats itself.

Webster Hall

The image above is the only media I have because someone didn't push the charge plug all the way into the camera, and the battery was dead on arrival.


Clearing the Air: 9/11's toxic dust obscures answers about cancer and other health claims

Clearing the Air
9/11's toxic dust obscures answers about cancer and other health claims

by Graham Rayman

Clearing the Air: 9/11's toxic dust obscures answers about cancer and other health claims

by Graham Rayman

September 4th, 2007 6:18 PM

To understand how deeply New Yorkers hold the conviction that 9/11 environmental fallout is killing people, you need only to have attended the August 21 public meeting that was held in a chamber across from City Hall.

The topic was the disastrous August 18 fire in the heavily contaminated Deutsche Bank building at 130 Liberty Street, which killed two firefighters. Only three weeks before the sixth anniversary of the terror attacks, here were city, state, and federal officials once again trying to downplay the possibility that the fire released environmental toxins into the neighborhood.

But the air was so thick with skepticism from the crowd that the assertions couldn't gain any traction. One resident described the debacle as a "religious kind of shame." Marc Ameruso, a lower-Manhattan community-board member, said, "The ghost of the World Trade Center is rearing its ugly head once again."

It was hard to blame the doubters. The Bush, Pataki, and Giuliani administrations have either misled or poorly informed the public about the toxic dangers of what has been described "as the largest acute environmental disaster that ever has befallen New York City."

9/11 workers outraged by new Rudy claim

Rudy Giuliani drew outrage and indignation from Sept. 11 first-responders yesterday by saying he spent as much time - or more - exposed to the site's dangers as workers who dug through the debris for the missing and the dead.

Speaking to reporters at a Cincinnati Reds ballgame he caught between fund-raisers, the GOP front-runner said he helped 9/11 families and defended himself against critics of how he managed the attack's aftermath.

"This is not a mayor or a governor or a President who's sitting in an ivory tower," Giuliani said. "I was at Ground Zero as often, if not more, than most of the workers. I was there working with them. I was exposed to exactly the same things they were exposed to. So in that sense, I'm one of them."

His statement rang false to Queens paramedic Marvin Bethea, who said he suffered a stroke, posttraumatic stress disorder and breathing problems after responding to the attacks.

"I personally find that very, very insulting," he said.

"Standing there doing a photo-op and telling the men, 'You're doing a good job,' I don't consider that to be working," said Bethea, 47.

Ironworker Jonathan Sferazo, 52, who said he spent a month at the site and is now disabled, runs a worker advocacy group with Bethea and called Giuliani's comments "severely" out of line.

"He's not one of us. He never has been and he never will be. He never served in a capacity where he was a responder," Sferazo said.

Specter, Leahy question use of 9/11 fund money

Specter, Leahy question use of 9/11 fund money

By KIMBERLY HEFLING | Associated Press Writer
August 4, 2007

Two senators want to know why a $1 billion Sept. 11 insurance fund appropriated by Congress to help ailing ground zero workers has not been used to compensate those exposed to harmful substances.

Senate Judiciary Chairman Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., and the committee's ranking Republican, Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, said in a letter to the insurance company overseeing the Sept. 11 health-related claims that they are considering convening a hearing in September.

"Reports that the World Trade Center Captive Insurance Company has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on salaries on administrators and over $45 million to private law firms are troubling," the letter said.

The two also said they have concerns about the $74 million that reportedly has been spent on overhead costs and legal bills. The letter, dated Wednesday, was addressed to Christine LaSala, CEO of WTC Captive Insurance Co.


Michael Moore Blasts Rudolph Giuliani

Michael Moore Blasts Rudolph Giuliani


Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Plea for Help from 9/11 Rescue Workers to Rudolph Giuliani Goes Unanswered

[The following letter was e-mailed to Rudolph Giuliani on May 29th, 2007 by September 11th rescue workers left to fend for themselves after suffering illnesses caused by their work at Ground Zero in the days after the attacks. They never received a response.]

May 29, 2007

Dear Mr. Giuliani,