Flyers For The NYC Trials

As I mentioned in the above video, I think the NYC Trials will be a perfect opportunity for people to remind everyone that there are more suspects for the crime of 9/11. The following are some flyers I have created naming some of those suspects.

Dick Cheney
Click Here (PDF Color)
Click Here (PDF BW)

George Bush
Click Here (PDF Color)
Click Here (PDF BW)

Donald Rumsfeld
Click Here (PDF Color)
Click Here (PDF BW)

Spread The Word, TONIGHT!!!!

Remember to drop flyers, stickers, and DVDs into Trick or Treater's bags tonight!

911 Truth, North American Union, Ron Paul, whatever the topic, we can reach hundreds of thousands of people tonight with very little effort. Here are a couple of flyers to consider, post your own flyer ideas in the comments below and I'll update the main thread:

You can find the 8 individual 9/11 info flyers (PDF files) on blog...

LAST CALL For Action in THE HAGUE TOMORROW (Saturday, September 8, 12:00 noon)

Hey folks, it's finally time! Now we're not going to have a huge demonstration or protest, but there are around a dozen of us heading to The Hague tomorrow afternoon (Saturday, September 8 at 12:00 noon). This is the last call for anyone else out there who is in the area and wants to come help. The Hague is just 45 minutes from Amsterdam, Utrecht, and a half hour from Rotterdam. Anyone in the area should really hop on a train and join up with us if at all possible. We have permission from the police in writing, so there are absolutely no worries about anything going wrong. Bring your tshirts, flyers, DVDs, and other 9/11 Truth or related paraphernalia. See you tomorrow! (If you are coming and reading this, please send me an email at We have told the police we have 15 people showing up, so if any more are coming I need to know so I can tell them when I arrive in the morning. Note: Please DO NOT arrive BEFORE 12:00. Better 5 minutes late than early.)

Ed poster series continued...

Here's another poster I made--it's and 18X24 pdf and looks great blown up (no pun intended) and printed in color and mounted on foam core, as I have had done at my local subversive copy shop. This one goes with though unlike the WTC7 poster it is not editable, so if you don't want to advertise my site (which is fine by me) you'll have to cut off the bottom. Have fun truthing--as time goes on you'll find you'll be making more and more friens out there, and having an easier time dispensing with the deniers. We are most definitely very close to a major breakthrough--don't listen to anyone who is poo-poo ing our chances for whatever reason. We are winning, we have won!!

Here is the new file, I've apparently exceeded my quota on the 911blogger server!

New poster on building 7 - hack away!

Every time someone takes one of my posters down from a bulletin board I am inspired to make a better one. Keep motivating me, traitors!

Full PDF attached

9/11 Stinking Fish Artwork

heres something i just made, would love to see some photos of this up around the country.

Any feedback for the next revision would be appreciated. the truth is really beginning to take off.

October Activism

Time for our own October surprise.

Please giving out Truth flyers or deception dollars to all the trick or treaters this year along with your candy.  Fold up the flyer nice and tight and the kids won't even notice, but when the parents inspect the candy later that night, they'll be in for a nice little surprise.

Think of the thousands of people we can reach using this method.  For once, we don't have to go out, holding signs up or putting flyers on windshield, they are coming right to our door.  This is the simplest way to reach John and Jane Q. Public, and those are the people we need to be targetting.

Here are a couple of flyers in PDF format that can be printed out for this purpose:

There are plenty of more flyers out there if you're looking for something different.

Also, going to a Halloween party?  Dress up as a 9/11 Truther, thats what I'm doing!  I'll be wearing my Blogger T-Shirt, my Inside Job pins, and will be handing out flyers and deception dollars to anyone who asks what my costume is.  This couldn't get any simpler!!!