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Splitting the Sky presents "9/11 Truth - Follow the Money!"

"Life-long activist, Splitting the Sky appeared at St. Ann's Academy on November 29, 2008. In this impassioned and authoritative speech he meticulously follows the bloody and labyrinthine trail of corruption and money, which leads him to conclude that a cast of top-level financiers and international secret service agencies were behind the events of 9/11"

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Hal Sisson's Review of "9/11 Follow the Money" by Splitting the Sky

Follow the Money? God forbid.

(Interesting article, we mirrored this when it first came out in January of this year. -rep.)

Why was the cashing out of billions of dollars just before the 9/11 attacks never investigated?

Had an investigation been done into the crime of failing to file the “currency transaction reports” in August 2001, then we would know who made the cash withdrawals in $100 bills amounting to the $5 billion surge.

by Jim Hogue

It's been over six years since 9/11, but U.S. regulatory entities have been slow to follow through with reports about the complex financial transactions that occurred just prior to and following the attacks. Such research could shed light on such questions as who was behind them—and who benefited—and could help lay to rest the rumors that have been festering.

U.S. Ex-Congressman Indicted In Terror Funding Case

US ex-congressman indicted in terror funding case


WASHINGTON (AFP) - A federal grand jury on Wednesday indicted a former US lawmaker for his links to a charity that sent funds to an Afghanistan-based supporter of Al-Qaeda through banks in Pakistan.

Former Republican representative Mark Deli Siljander was named in a 42-count indictment against the Missouri-based Islamic American Relief Agency (IARA), charged with "engaging in prohibited financial transactions for the benefit of US-designated terrorist Gulbuddin Hekmatyar," the US Department of Justice said in a statement.

Siljander, 57, faces money laundering, conspiracy and obstruction of justice charges in the case.

Hekmatyar is an Islamist rebel leader who received US aid in the 1980s to resist the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan. He briefly served as Afghan prime minister in the 1990s and initially opposed the Taliban regime, but then switched sides after the October 2001 US-led invasion.

Former Fed analyst questions M1 currency component spike prior to 9/11

Good detectives don't need to be reminded to "follow the money" when investigating a crime. However, according to Thomas Kean, the chairman of the 9/11 Commission, following the money trail in the many crimes committed in connection with the events of September 11th was "of little practical significance." For Kean, following the money in crimes that included the mass murder of over 3000 people in these united States alone was too much bother to pursue in that it only cost about $166 per murder. But, that only considers the possible cost of perpetrating the crimes and doesn't take the benefits into account?

'Cui Bono' is a latin phrase suggesting that a person or persons guilty of committing a crime might be found among those who stand to gain financially. The person(s) who benefit may not always be obvious. And, they may have cunningly created a scapegoat that successfully diverts attention elsewhere. So, where does the money trail for the events of 9/11 lead?

The Federal Reserve is the central banking system through which all financial transactions must flow. Anyone with a working knowledge of the history of the Federal Reserve System would agree that the Fed weilds enormous power. The Federal Reserve, along with other central banks in the world, have been implicated in fomenting and funding all of the major wars for the last one hundred years. Certainly, the Fed is powerful enough to exercise influence over the puny politicians comprising the 9/11 Commission and it's putrid executive director. The Fed easily possesses the power that would be required to keep incriminating information to their detriment from seeing the light of day. Should it come as any surprise then, that the Fed may very hold a master key to unlocking the truth about 9/11?

William Bergman worked at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago from July 1990 until early 2004 as an economist and senior analyst.

Bergman explains:

At the time I was also looking into and asking questions about currency flows. I thought these questions were worth pursuing, and was planning to raise them when I made the above-noted phone call to the Board of Governors. The currency component of M1 (Federal Reserve Notes circulating outside of banks) rose especially rapidly in July and August 2001. In fact, up to and including August 2001, that month (August 2001) was one of the three fastest growing months for the currency component of M1 since 1947, on a seasonally adjusted basis, even on the heels of significantly above-average growth in July 2001. Much of the July-August surge (over $5 billion above-average) seems to have been in the $100 denomination. Among other explanations, persons aware of any imminent terrorist attacks and concerned about possible asset seizures such as those that arose after the 1979 Iranian hostage crisis and the 1998 embassy bombings could have been trying to liquidate their bank accounts in July and August 2001. The money trail could provide important clues about people aware of, if not responsible for, the attacks. I looked at some internal data bearing on this issue that was available to anyone within the Federal Reserve’s internal computer network; after going back to look at this important data again a week or two later, it was no longer freely available, but password protected.

Full story:
Former Fed analyst questions M1 currency component spike prior to 9/11

All Roads Lead to BCCI

Dave Emory: ...the current seated President, George W. Bush, is not at all separate from the BCCI milieu ... this isn't something that's "long ago and far away".

Lucy Komisar: No... BCCI has been very good to the current Bush's business interests... in 1979 and 80 it helped finance his oil company which was called Arbusto Energy. The money came through a man named Bath who was in business, and one might think he was moving the money of Mr. Bin Mahfouz. That money turned out to be very useful for George Bush, when Harken Energy, (which absorbed Arbusto), got in money trouble in 1987, it got $25 million in financing from the Union Bank of Switzerland, and as part of that deal, a seat on the board was given to a Harken shareholder Sheikh Abdullah Taha Baksh, whose chief banker was BCCI shareholder Bin Mahfouz ...

The money comes from CIA, it goes through BCCI, in accounts that nobody knows about, that nobody can follow, and then money from the big shareholders of BCCI comes back to George Bush.

Isn't that an interesting circle?


BAE Systems has on its board William Schneider Jr. who is also connected with
International Planning Services, Inc.: President
G2 Satellite Solutions: Advisory board
Defense Forecasts International: Member, Board of Directors
Defense Group, Inc.(DGI): Member, Board of Directors

Schneider was a signatory to 7 of the 13 most commonly referenced letters and statements which outline the goals espoused in the Project for a New American Century...the neocon manifesto.

One of these letters, written within 9 days after 9/11 states, in part,
"A serious and victorious war on terrorism will require a large increase in defense spending. Fighting this war may well require the United States to engage a well-armed foe, and will also require that we remain capable of defending our interests elsewhere in the world. We urge that there be no hesitation in requesting whatever funds for defense are needed to allow us to win this war."

Then in Jan 2003,
"To rebuild, transform, and man our military adequately for its many missions and responsibilities, defense spending will need to be increased by an additional $70 to $100 billion."