Fontaine Saint-Michel

23e Onze Bouge 11 April 2009 in Paris + Herblay FRANCE ( World action every 11 of the month )


Report on the 23rd Onze Bouge in Paris this 11th of April 2009 by Yves Ducourneau
John Mitchell and me were at the Saint-Michel Fountain this afternoon to distribute 9/11 flyers and to inform the public. The weather was nice and warm. Good reception for John's signs (seeing Bush and Cheney
behind the bars gives obvious pleasure for many people!), even joy full outcries from an Afghan and a
Pakistanis family who passed by there. We discussed with 4 young girls around 20 years old who had a great scholarship in geopolitics which completely amazed me. The 11 of September interested them a lot.

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