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Poll: 14% of Americans believe Bush "allowed" 9/11; 8% unsure

A recent poll by Public Policy Polling showed 22% of those polled either believed Bush allowed 9/11 to happen or were unsure. That same question revealed 38% of self-described "Liberals" either believed Bush allowed 9/11 or were unsure. 21% of "Moderates" and 16% of "Conservatives" held the same opinion.

Compare these results with other 9/11-related polls. A World Public Opinion poll from 2008 showed only 46% of the world believes al-Qaeda alone perpetrated 9/11; 15% believe the US government did it.

These polls demonstrate, more than anything, that the degree of skepticism expressed by the public reflects the framing of the question: the more open-ended the skepticism of the question, the more respondents agree with it. The most indicative of this trend is the 2006 CBS/NY Times poll about Bush administration foreknowledge: 16% said "telling the truth", 53% said they are "mostly telling the truth but hiding something", 28% said they are "mostly lying", 3% not sure. at Texas GOP Straw Poll

Article of Tony Morgon, 9/11 Truth Activist from who penetrated the GOP Straw Poll on Sat. Sep.1, 2007 to reveal inside pics and information from the event, to include meeting Ron Paul.Story at

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