9/11 Truth Coalition Forum

I have revamped my 9/11 Truth Coalition forum on Yahoo, which up to now I have been treating with neglect, i.e. more or less as a public bulletin board. From now on I will moderate strictly, and allow only substantive, focussed, rational and civil contributions. Everyone is welcome to join the group, and no subjects are taboo, but, as I say, I will moderate the posts. The topic I am trying to focus on at the moment is "Molten metal at GZ: Is the evidence for it conclusive?"

Resources and Forum Added to 9/11 Action Net

New features have been added at the 9/11 Action Net during a recently revamp including a resources page with links to handy activist materials and a bright and shiny new forum with boards where truthers may request, offer or point out third-party sources of activism supplies as well as rideshares, lodging and venues for events and actions. And don't forget that 9AN is accepting activist directory entries for individuals and groups as always, as well as offering event posting services in the campaign index and around the web.

New 9/11 forum

Although its a lot of 9/11 forums already, we hope you want to participate with your comments in this Norwegian one!
American views on this subject are, of course, very much appreciated!

Hope to see some of you!


9/11 Mysteries Forums now open!

9/11 Mysteries Forum are now open to the public. Lets show our support!

The forum is a place to share reseach and ideas. Please keep post's courteous and respectful. Disrespect will not be tolerated.

9/11 Mysteries and Sofia welcome you to their new forums. Part 1 of 9/11 Mysteries - Demolitions is currently available
and Part 2 of 9/11 Mysteries - Hijackers and Planes is currently in production. We hope to bring you information
and a pleasant atmosphere to discuss the 9/11 Mysteries series.

I will still be running my own forum and site as well.. but Sofia has asked me to help admin her forums also. So you know it will be a straight forward..
no BS, respectful atmosphere.

Hope to see you there!

edit: I guess a link would be helpful.. whoops.