Planned group chat?

This came across on MySpace today, sounds like some people are planning a group discussion tonight @ 11pm EST. Anyone who wants to join along, more ideas and voices the merrier, anyway here's the post:

So tonight at 11:00pm eastern time, the truth chat is having a huge gathering, so you should repost this, and then come.

To all Truth Seekers, Light Bringers, and Info Warriors:

"In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot." ------- Mark Twain

Make polls in random forums (my quasi action on the 11th)

My sister obviously topped me in terms of 9/11 truth action on the 11th, but i tried to do my (albeit small) part by posting this poll in a totally non political forum. About half of the people in this forum are british, other half american and the age demographic is around 15-35.

sample of the results :

Did criminal elements working within the US government help carry out the attacks on 9/11?
Yes [ 25 ] ** [54.35%]
No [ 21 ] ** [45.65%]

so i recommend to everybody, if you post in forums that let you make polls. do it!! this i think helps other people in the forums "come out of the closet" and feel less embarrassed about expressing their opinion in regards to 9/11. Before i did this poll i was under the impression that nobody on this forum believed in alternate theories regarding 9/11. damn was i wrong!

A Land of Bent Knees, Home of the Slave!

Hi all,

I was recently banned from a "Christian" forum for simply
pointing out 911 truth. This hypocritical stance aggravated, me,
so I re-registered and posted the following. If anyone finds value
in it, please feel free to post it to Christian or any forums,
and use or modify it as you see fit (I would have included links,
but the forum doesn't allow that for new posters, and I would have
gotten banned again in 30 secondsinstead of a minute and a half) :)

Here it is:

Those 911 Truth wackos have really got me steamed.

Just when I think I can dismiss them, they come up with more
evidence that something is wrong with the U.S. Government's
version of events on that day, too numerous to mention here.
However, as an example, they keep asking annoying things like :

"Why did WTC 7 collapse
at free-fall speed (in under 7 seconds) when it wasn't hit by a plane?
Why do demolition and fire experts say it looked like a controlled

"Why didn't jets intercept the airliners since they
had numerous warnings of terrorist attacks?"

And 100's of other aggravating questions like those.