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Cdn security service caught using unreliable witness in secret trial proceedings against alleged "terrorist".

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CSIS' top secret confession to the court

Further to my blog entry entitled: CSIS: Nothing but trouble and shame

The information of which CSIS failed to inform the court was that the source who fingered Mohamed Harkat FAILED HIS LIE DETECTOR TEST.

Ladies and gentlemen, this whole "terror" thing has been patently revealed as a farce designed to keep Canadians thinking we are in danger of attack by Muslims, and to thereby justify the slaughter of Muslims in Afghanistan.

Thanks to Christian Legeais, spokesperson and bilingual media contact for the Justice for Mohamed Harkat committee, here is the link to the top secret letter from CSIS made public today, wherein CSIS fesses up.

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Charges against the "20th Hijacker" in September 11th attacks dropped

US drops charges against Saudi in Sept. 11 attacks
By BEN FOX, Associated Press Writer
Tue May 13, 12:49 AM ET

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico - The Pentagon has dropped charges against a Saudi at Guantanamo who was alleged to have been the so-called "20th hijacker" in the Sept. 11 attacks, his U.S. military defense lawyer said Monday.

Mohammed al-Qahtani was one of six men charged by the military in February with murder and war crimes for their alleged roles in the 2001 attacks. Authorities say al-Qahtani missed out on taking part in the attacks because he was denied entry to the U.S. by an immigration agent.

But in reviewing the case, the convening authority for military commissions, Susan Crawford, decided to dismiss the charges against al-Qahtani and proceed with the arraignment for the other five, said Army Lt. Col. Bryan Broyles, the Saudi's military lawyer.