France 27/10/2007American action against the war

France 27/10/2007. American action against the war

Herblay FRANCE

Bonsoir ,

This afternoon the 27/10/2007 the Americains against the war ( AAW ) and members of the ( Yves and myself (John Mitchell) ) were manifesting in the centre of Paris 'Fontaines de Saint-Michel" against the war in Iraq and againt the future war in Iran.

The key members of AAW asked us (Yves and myself) to move further away so that the AAW and the 911 truth mouvement can not be taken as together. We complied to their request and moved further avay. We were suprised to find that our message was much more successful far from AAW. Howerver we are asking is the fight for 911 truth and the fight against the war two things different ?

Yves and myself think that our fight against the Neocon evil has a better chance to win if the anti-war mouvement and the 911 truth mouvmeent work togerher. Please tell us what you think ?

Below are are some of the photos taken today.

Yours sincerely